Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The other side of the argument


So, this was an actual conversation I was involved in, at the little bar next to the law school. And yeah, people did get a little obnoxious, and I felt sort of sorry for this guy, because he was put SO much on the defensive when he actually really did try not to engage in a battle while we were celebrating our last first day of law school.

This dude is a perfect example of so much of the conflict in my life. And NO, not whether or not to be who I am and love who I choose to love. I do that happily and comfortably. But how tolerant can I expect those who oppose my beliefs to be, when I so am so intolerant and hostile of their different beliefs? BUT, on the other hand, their beliefs are in SUCH conflict with mine that I feel I have to stand up, and be a bitch, and be loud, and be strong, and be assertive.

How does dialogue or change ever happen like this? Or am I supposed to accept that it never will?

And am I supposed to apologize?

And by the way, I think the gay people at the table were actually more "respectful" than a few of the others. I wonder if he caught that. But, then again, should I care?

I am starting to believe that "tolerance" is in the same category as the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Justice.

PS... I still am a non smoker. over a 5 weeks now. yay me.


dixie said...

barf. i really want to reply to his smug christian ass.

but how can you argue with someone who already has the world figured out?

Gabriel said...

Cute. You can reply to my "smug Christian ass" over at my blog where I wrote one of my usual "smug Christian" replies!


But if you choose to do so, spare the invective and try cutting to the heart of the matter. You're a lawyer-to-be for crying out loud.

dixie said...

oh my goddess, get over yourself already.

and i'm already a lawyer, by the way.

Gabriel said...

If you're already a lawyer, then you don't show it on here or my web-log. So, e.g., when you say that I "legislate hate"...what do you mean? What have I legislated, i.e., me personally? How have I and "others like me" misused The Bible? And, for that matter, who are these "others like me"? I'm curious to know.

The short and the long of it is that you have no real idea of what I think or believe on these matters. You are too accustomed to your own prejudices to actually engage the topic. So, instead, you throw out petty insults, make sweeping accusations, and claim an empty "moral" victory for yourself. That's great--but what does that prove? What does that demonstrate except that, apparently, your "position" is so fueled by prejudice and hatred that it is incapable of even arising to the level of a polemic when it is presented.

dixie said...

frankly, i think it's "comedic" that you attempt to debate me in a "lawyerly" fashion via anonymous internet blogs and then insult me for not reciprocating.

i mean, do you really think either of us is going to change our opinion because of a posting? and that a true debate would serve any other purpose than showing off your assumed intellectual prowess?

long story short, you really know nothing about me to be able to call me prejudiced and full of hate. i have responded to you in a fashion that i knew would upset anyone who appears humorless and takes himself too seriously.

it obviously worked.

now don't you have crim pro reading or something, schoolboy?

Gabriel said...

You're right. I should learn to expect a lot less from someone incapable of typing her empty lines with proper awareness of mechanics. Silly me.

dixie said...

oh, did you mistake my literary style for ignorance of the rules of grammar and construction?

always the last resort of a blogger incapable of responding to content.

i'm so over you!

Nurse Ratchet said...

Hahahaha!!!! I LOVE that this self-righteous law student called a real lawyer a "lawyer-to-be." Good luck with the Bar exam.