Saturday, September 02, 2006

I met a future serial killer (and his mother)

So I heard this weird fact on Dr. Phil. And I think it's probably true. Because A. Dr. PHIL said it, B. I also think I read it somewhere else, and C. It makes complete sense. Here's the fact:

There was a research study done, and one of the characteristics that all (or almost all) serial killers have in common is they would abuse animals as children.

So I'm walking my adorable dog. (See above) And about a block away from me there was a mother and her three year old-ish son. Since the kid isn't in a stroller I decide to slow down my pace, just in case the kid gets afraid of dogs. That's the nice thing to do. The dog is sniffing around, keeping to herself, staring at squirrels, whatever. All of a sudden the child starts running towards me with a stick in his hand. A long and fairly thick stick. I don't do anything. Just move to the side so he could run by. But he doesn't. He stops in front of MY SWEET DOG AND WHACKS HER WITH THE STICK! And you know that horrible sound that dogs make when they're startled and hurt at the same time? Like if you accidentally step on one of their paws. If you've ever heard the sound, you're not likely to forget it. And MY DOG MAKES THAT SOUND.
Keep in mind, if this was an adult who did this, I would have slapped him or her. And I don't hit people. Ever. But you can't slap a child. And even if you could, you could only slap your OWN child. Trust me, though, I wanted to. Instead I said in a very sweet and soft voice "Sweetie, this is my dog. She loves when people pet her, and I bet she'd love it if you petted her. But she gets scared when people hit her and it hurts animals when they get hit. Just like it hurts people."

And the kid looks at me with these big, wide, adorable child eyes. And he smiled at me. AND THEN HE HIT MY DOG WITH THE STICK AGAIN!!!

I was completely stunned. I look down the street as his mother slowly approaches us. If I were the mother, I would have been mortified. She doesn't seem to be in much of a rush to remedy the situation. So, I take the dog, and step away from the kid and keep my dog on the other side of me, and wait for the mother to say something to me. And when she finally gets within speaking distance I said to her with a smile "Your son keeps on hitting my dog with a stick." I figured at this point she'd do something. Apologize. Yell at the kid. Tell him why hitting dogs is naughty. Anything. No. This is what happened: She looked at me with a glare and said "exCUSE us" and walked right past me.

At that point, I wanted to grab the stick away from the kid, and beat the mom with it. But no. I just stood there. And I didn't stick up for myself. Or my dog. It's a good thing dogs have short memories. People should have the same luxury.


dixie said...

that makes me want to barf!

they were probably on their way to "taste of heaven."

Grace said...

Haha!! They probably were. I think it would be acceptable for me to beat the kid with a stick in there!

liiipzs0swe3t said...

I would have hit the mom n say it was deffence I hate people that have. No control over such wild kids and more any person that likes to harm animals or aproves of it