Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Love Affair with Law School

Is over. OH MY GOD IT IS SO OVER. I'm sitting here at my table, trying to research caselaw for class tomorrow. I've been at the computer for 2 hours. In that time, I have:

1. Googled "Paris and Nicole" to see if they're still getting along.
2. Googled my ex who I broke up with in, like 1998.
3. Googled all of the attorneys who I work for.
4. Googled Karl Lagerfeld.
5. Worried about whether I was a fundamentally good person.
6. Went on Ebay to see if they had any vintage Karl Lagerfeld.
7. Googled Siamese Twins to see how many different sets I could find pictures of.
8. Went to, my favorite political website to see if there's any new dish on the Mark Foley Scandal AKA "Pagefuckergate".
9. Looked at pictures from my best friends wedding. All 534,635,245 of them. I look fat in about half.
10. Stared blankly into space.
11. Thought about different kinds of soups.

But I have not looked up any case law.

1 comment:

dixie said...

so, your love affair with law school is over after a couple years? that's longer than most...

here's what i used to do when i my love affair ended:

1) take notes in class left-handed to exercise the right side of my brain and relieve boredom

2) bring the red-eye into class and do the crossword puzzle without even trying to hide it from the professor

3) draw pictures of the professor and the back of people's fat stupid heads sitting in front of me

4) watch people play tetris, solitaire, and mario brothers on their laptops and get annoyed when they made bad moves