Sunday, October 08, 2006

Random Thoughts

I keep on thinking that I want to write something important. Or tell a story of all the crazy things/people/events that have occurred in my life. Apparently I don't have the attention span to tell a full story.

So here a few tidbits:

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mark Foley Scandal. I can't get enough of it. Every last sordid detail is freakin GENIUS. The only problem is that the the stupid crappy republican douchebags are actually trying to turn this into not only a Democratic conspiracy as far as the timing of the revelation that Foley was a dirty little page banger, but ALSO turn it into a gay conspiracy. Like all the gay members of the house all knew and had Foley's back so they too get could some young boy page lovin' of their own. I don't think that anyone is going to believe that though. So I can go back to completely loving this tawdry nonsense.

2. Everything else in the news is unspeakbly awful. Little Amish Girls. North Korea. A real live Silence of the Lambstorture chamber. A father stabbing to death his four children. All of the school shootings. A triple murder right here in Chicago this weekend. Tapered jeans making a comeback. Fuck. Judy Baar Topinka. We really need to get a TV Channel or a newspaper that only contains information on the Mark Foley scandal and... Brangelina. It's really all I can handle right now.

3. I had a weird experience this weekend. Someone came in town for a last minute visit . Primarily to see me. And the fairly bizarre situation got me really overwhelmed, freaked out, and spooked, and ultimately I didn't, or wouldn't see her at all. And I probably lost a pretty cool new friend as a result. It's a miracle I have any friends at all.

4. There's a new show on television. It's called Brothers and Sisters. Calista Flockhart is in it, but she doesn't drive me crazy. She's ok. The whole cast is actually pretty great. It's sort of funny, and very sad, and the writing is beautiful.

5. Interesting fact: Actors get paid more to do commercials for douches, hemorrhoid cream, and stuff about herpes and other STD's.

6. I've been not smoking for something like 10 weeks.

7. Two dogs I know have their own myspace page. My dog is friends with these two dogs, even though one of them (I'm not certain which, but I have my suspicians) bit my dog's ear and we came home to blood all over the apartment last year. Anyway, I think my dog should have her own myspace page, too.

8. I have applied for one job, post law school. One. That's just one more than none. I am so fucked if I don't get it. However, I did have my first interview, and it went VERY well. Probably because the person interviewing me was a lesbian who I had met before at a big gay law school thing. Still, one application? How fucking retarded.


Anonymous said...

RE #3: Maybe she knows that already and isn't upset with you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are a complete twat... law with "grace?" This was completely grace-less.