Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Loud Talker on the Red Line #1

Since you thought everything you were saying was important enough for the entire train car to hear, I discreetly took a picture of you with my camera phone and decided to publish everything I now know about you. So here goes:
1. Every time you say "N as in Nancy" when spelling your last name, you sounded like a little Nancy boy.
2. Your allergies have really been bad lately, and you take Flonaise.
3. Your son goes away to college, and when you start feeling anxious about life, you drive down to his dorm and do his laundry.
4. Your former girlfriend told you that college kids who get laundry service are spoiled.
5. You really want to sit on the rooftop bleacher seats at a cubs game.

Sorry this isn't the most interesting first installment of "Loud Talker on the Red Line" but you never know who the next one will be.

1 comment:

EJ said...

I hate loud talkers - they all deserve to be beaten with their cell phone