Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rubberband Balls & The Law

So, I was walking towards school today, and I can see in the distance a 30+ member marching band right in front of the school. And I automatically get pissed off. A. Because I assume it's somehow Christmas related, and B. Because it's my nature to get pissed off at big stupid stuff like bands shoved down my throat.

So I ran into my friend and I immediately launch into how stupid it was, and it's not even Thanksgiving and I hate the world blah blah blah.

And he tells me to go down and take a look. And I say no way. It's stupid. And he says TRUST ME. Go down there. So I did. And it was a celebration for the WORLD'S LARGEST RUBBERBAND BALL EVER! And there were jugglers and a band and clowns and people dressed up like human rubberband balls, and people were handing out mini rubberband balls that you could have signed by the family who created the world's biggest rubberband ball. I didn't want to wait in the line for that, though.

It was really cool. Dixie and Nurse Ratchet, you have some serious work to do if you want to beat the record.

Still strange that they chose my law school to unveil the worlds biggest rubberband ball. And I forgot to bring my camera phone to school today so I can't even take a picture.

I also couldn't take a picture of the loud talker on the el today. Her conversation was really good. She broke up with her boyfriend over the phone. It was cool. Ok, I have nothing else to say. I hate Thanksgiving. And I can't wait for 2006 to be over. There's a chance I'm in a bad mood today. I think if my dog could talk she'd say "I think we need some time apart" she keeps on looking at me as if she wishes she was someone else's dog.


dixie said...

rats! i kind of gave up the rubber band ball ambition when i stopped being able to find rubber bands big enough to fit around it...

"people dressed up like human rubberband balls"... wha??

dixie said...


bands! jugglers! clowns! i can't believe there was all that fanfare for a giant rubber band ball!

i'm sad that my thunder was stolen.