Sunday, November 26, 2006

Self Righteous Non Smoker Post

4 Months ago TODAY I quit smoking. It was hard because I didn't go by the whole "you'll quit when you're REALLY ready" because I knew I would never be ready. You know why? BECAUSE I LOVE CIGARETTES! They are perfect little things. But 4 months later, I think I can say I'm pretty sure I won't smoke again. But I think it will be hard for many many more months to come. So you know what I REALLY don't need? I REALLY don't need the dumb professor (who teaches at the same school where I attend law school)who just moved in across the hall from me to be Professor McSmokerton! Oh my god! So if I believe in Karma and all that past lives hoopla, just how awful do you think I WAS in my last life? Was I like Mussolini? Or John Wayne Gacy? Son of a bitch. I bet I was.

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