Thursday, November 02, 2006

Silly myspace survey

These are silly, but whatever... everyone else does it. They just usually do it on myspace, not on their own blog, but whatever. I can do what I want.

have you ever ______ with your top 5?

Number 1: Amy
Number 2: Kim
Number 3: Annie
Number 4: Ron
Number 5: Vieve

Have your ever danced with number 3?
Probably, but neither of us dance sober.

Where did you meet number 5?
At "that bar"

Have you ever kissed number 2?
Um... no. Or if so, it was in a spin the bottle sort of scenario.

Have you ever gotten drunk with number 1?
Oh yes. Very much so. She's one of the funnest people to drink with.

Has 1 been to your house?

Has number 2 ever seen you naked?

Have you ever gone shopping with 3?:
Yes we would go to Target all the time together. It was like foreplay before we showered together.

Have you ever seen 2 in a swimsuit?
I think I've seen her in MY swimsuit.

Have you met 5's family?
No, but I think I would like them ALOT.

Do you know 1's middle name?

Have you ever eaten anything in front of 4?
Yes, lots of appetizers at various parties.

have you ever-hated 4?
No but I have wanted to flyto L.A. for the sole purpose of smacking him.

have you ever fought with number 2?
I don't know if I fought with her or was just bitchy to her behind her back.

When's the last time you talked to 5 in person?
It's been way too long. I miss her.

Have you ever seen 3 do something embarrassing?
Where do I start? I was usually doing the same embarrassing thing, though.

are any of your top 5 family members?
No, no one in my family is that cool.

Has anyone in your top 5 seen you cry?
I think 4 of them have.

Have you ever done something dangerous with number 4?
Not yet, but I'm not scared to.

Have you ever slept in the same bed as number 2?

do you think 4 and 5 would make a good couple?
It would be...intersting. One is the sanest person I know, and the other is the craziest (in a good way)

have you ever, or are you currently dating anyone in your top 5?
yes I used to. ;-)

Would 1 do anything for you?
I think she would, she's nice like that.

How do you feel when 2 hugs you?
It's been a while, but she's a good hugger.


ron zimmerman said...

i have a site on here i don't know how to work.
am i crazy or sane? i'm gonna pretend i'm the sane one. i wonder if we will ever be dangerous? i guess first, we'd have to get into THE SAME FUCKIN ROOM!

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