Friday, December 15, 2006

5 More days.

Sonofabitch. I have a paper due on Wednesday for Forensic Evidence Class. I also have an in class exam in Advanced Crim Pro on Wednesday. So, naturally today I'm watching CourtTv and reading people's blogs. In a few minutes I'm going to order Thai food.

Can I just say first of all that the decision to quit smoking was clearly misguided. Cigarettes were INVENTED for things like law school exams, and I don't get to have them because they're BAD for me or some shit like that.

I'd also like to mention that I'm particularly testy today, because I started thinking about how much money I'm going to owe after law school. And the ONLY job I want is a low paying government job. Am I on glue? What the fuck am I thinking? And while we're on the subject of low paying government jobs, can anyone ACTUALLY articulate why public defenders make more money than state's attorneys? It's bullshit. And what I REALLY want to know is if public defenders make more money, what are they spending it on? Clearly not personal grooming. How come they dress like such hillbillies? Seriously! State's attorneys somehow manage to show up in the courtroom clean shaven (yes that's men AND women), with decent haircuts, and in nice suits. Professional looking. Public defenders dress like kindergarten teachers, deadheads, or homeless people. Of course there are some that dress nicely. I say that only in case I end up getting a job working near them, I don't want them to be mean to me. Or give me lice. Actually my friend R starts working in the PD's office in a month or so, and she dresses well. And she's got a great rack. Maybe she can do somthing about it. Or at least have lunch with me at the courthouse.

Now I would like to express my utter devastation about the E-Coli at Taco Bell. It's one thing to have E-Coli in spinach. Who the fuck cares about spinach? And even if you're one of those people who don't think spinach sucks, there are other varieties of lettuce you can enjoy. THERE'S ONLY ONE TACO BELL. And now I can never have it ever again, because there's just no way I'll be able to look at my mexican pizza without wondering if it's covered in E-Coli, then ultimately getting grossed out, and throwing it away. I grieve.

I really should do something more productive than ranting about crap, but I am adamently opposed to personal success of any sort.


Billy said...

Fuck'n screw class and the poorly dressed fucks at the PD's office. what a fucking embarassment. Good Fuck'n luck with those fuck'n loans.

that was kinda refreshing. now i know why you like/use it so much.

obsquatch said...

Fuck only convalutes comments, but is good for your back in the meantime.

Grace said...

Billy, are you fuckin flirting with me? And why the profile set to private? Are you in the fucking witness protection program?

Anonymous said...

If you are on glue, I must be on crack:

1. getting a graduate degree from the most expensive school in America in a subject that I will be prohibited from using;

2. if after 5 years of litigation that costed over $3 million dollars gets the job back that will make my degree useless;

3. that will pay me less and allow
people get to shoot at my gay ass

I always wondered why PDs dress so badly.

Awhh Akeelah why did you have to fuck with Taco Bell!! That's our date spot.

Anonymous said...

As a real-world acquaintance of Grace, and having spent time at the PD's office, perhaps I can shed some light on the subject.

First, the average pay difference between the local PD's and the SA's of equal seniority is small; the $9000 average difference is due mostly to the longer term of employment within the PD's office: more senior people in a similar size group means more get higher pay.

Second, the local PDs have a union, while the SAs had their union declared illegal by the courts; while the PD union is technically illegal for the same reasons, the county continues to recognize the union for some unknown reason. However, as someone who hopes to be a PD, I eagerly await the chance to join the union.

Finally, I see no difference between the manner of dress of the two sides. For the most part, they both dress like crap. I have seen senior states attorneys in threadbare suits, or in clothing that still had security tags on it. Again, we must look to age and seniority here; the primary trend is that young, inexperienced attorneys and clerks are the more polished looking staffers, possibly to compensate for their lack of ability.

Given the older pool of employees at the PDs, the prevalance of dressing like a schlub increases only due to the age, not any lack of respect for the court inherent to the PDs.

I would like to note here that as I practiced with the PD's, the defendants would frequently gravitate to me because I projected the image of a "real lawyer" by my dignified manner of dress, despite my complete ignorance as a law student.

Grace said...


If you are who I think you are, your opinion doesn't count. You wear saddle shoes. And not in an ironic way.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am who you think I am ... And chicks dig those shoes so I will continue to wear them. In fact, I think I only wear them because I get a minimum of two compliments a day when I wear them.

(for those who think I am insane, these saddle shoes are burgundy with a black saddle with a high shine. You can get premimum versions from Alden or Allen Edmonds for around $300 if you want a pair)

I'm just making an observation that older people dress like shit more often than younger people; if an office has more older people, they tend to have more people that dress like shit.

I've seen this in the big, well paid firms as well as in public service and private practice.

Also, did you know that in Chicago, most judges do not require a tie to be worn by male counsel in court? I was shocked to learn that.