Friday, December 29, 2006

CNN asks "Does Saddam matter?"

Shame on CNN. Saddam Hussein was executed less than an hour ago. Don't get me wrong. Yay. I am totally for the death penalty and this is a dude who really deserved it. Less than an hour after he is hanged, some chick on CNN had the nerve to ask, in the most vapid fashion, "at this point, does Saddam Hussein even matter?"

The answer started out like "At this point, (insert name of stupid female reporter), Saddam does not really matter." Click. I am now watching a marathon of Roseanne. I didn't even want to hear this dude's justification for why Saddam doesn't matter.

Who the fuck is this bitch to even ASK that question? And furthermore, who is the DOUCHEBAG who feels he has the authority to answer that question?

Is the American media SO fucking shallow to immediately ask that question? Does Saddam Hussein matter to who? If the media wanted to be real, they should have just asked the question in its appopriate form:

"Does Saddam Hussein matter to AMERICA?" And I've had too much cabernet to answer that question.

Why don't we ask the victims? Why don't we ask little girls who fucking watched their fathers- their heroes- executed? Why don't we ask Iraqi parents who've lost their entire brood in 9 minutes to Saddam Husseins ruthlessness. Why don't we take a minute and examine the lives destroyed by this dude, and the ask the question, "Does Saddam matter?" I would say that yes, he does. Saddam Hussein matters-or mattered VERY much.

CNN can go fuck itself. I'm personally offended for every victim.
And if you're wondering, I think the war in Iraq is retarded, and I always have.

I'd also like to add that I think it's fucking ridiculous that I have SIX remote controls. And I don't know what to do with any of them.

Additionally, musical theatre kicks ass. Seriously. Into the Woods? Fucking genius. Don't believe me? Whatever.


allbilly said...

Wrong. Go See AllBilly for the real deal. Civilized countries don't execute their opponents.

What about the millions of Africans that have died? Do we care? NO...because they have no economic impact.

Grace said...

I'm not going to argue with you about the death penalty and my views on it. Well, maybe I will, but not today. As we all know, this war is a disastrous , embarrasing joke. And I too, am not terribly proud to be an American. My POINT is that to ask the question "does Saddam matter?" and have the answer be "no, not really" offends me. Regardless of your view on the death penalty, this was not a good guy. he killed thousands of people. To say he doesn't matter is an insult to all of his victims and their families.

why don't you come over here and fix my remote control problem and then we can talk foreign policy. Bitch.