Sunday, December 24, 2006

Holiday Blogging

FAMILY (Noun) A group of people all tyrannized by its craziest member.

At dinner last Christmas, my older brother called my older sister a cunt. Sister then called brother a sociopath. Mom and Aunt and uncle et al. start chiming in. It was chaos. Everyone was fighting with everyone. Everyone that is, except me. I sat there in the corner, keeping to myself because I'm the only one in my family smart enough to show up to these sort of things on Clonopin. It still sucked to watch, though.

So this year, I am trying something new. I'm spending the holidays alone. I've gone to the market and bought a filet, a baked potato, asaparagus, and wine. I'm even making bearnaise sauce. And for desert, I'm having a mini chocoloate molten lava cake. It's going to kick ass.

I go back and forth between feeling relief and feeling lonely- which is an emotion I don't have a lot of experience with, because I usually LOVE being alone. But I'm going to go make my dinner, and come back and write more later. I feel like there's a lot to say. But not about my family. Because my crazy, volatile, prone-to-hysterics family doesn't even have the deceny to be interesting.


Harmless Error said...

Aww Grace. Being with family stresses me out to no end. Watch some movies, drink some wine, curl up with your puppy, and take some naps.

Billy said...

We should so collaborate on a post-Christmas blog on this subject.

Billy in denial is my theme for the holidays. It's great.

Actually, it all turned out better than I had hoped, which may prove denial works.

Happy New Year? ?