Sunday, December 31, 2006

How NOT to Impress a Woman #1

Refer to your car by its brand name in a sentence to a woman you've just met.

Example: "The lexus is only parked a block away."

Other Example: "It looks like it might rain. I hope I didn't leave the top down on the porsche."

Here's the thing, a girl isn't going to be impressed by a car if the owner seems equally impressed by it. It means the owner has bought something he can't really afford. Which is stupid. And very unimpressive.

Exception: "Can I give you a ride home in the Hovercraft?"

Other exception: "I need to get the tank back to the military base before someone notices it's missing."

1 comment:

allbilly said...

So me saying: "I'll pick you up for lunch in my '94 Honda Civic with a bent hood and No Air Conditioning" isn't a good idea?

I do have that Sunoco Race Gas sticker on the bent hood.