Monday, December 18, 2006

I am totally putting this on my resume

I AM SO FUCKING TIRED OF WORKING ON THIS PAPER. MAYBE IF I TELL MY PROFESSOR I AM PERSON OF THE YEAR, I'LL GET AN EXTENSION? I NEED TO SLEEP. REALLY lots and lots. If plagiarism were acceptable, I would SO be done by now. Fucking stupid academic integrity.

I was recently called Snatch-tastic. Compliment or no?


Billy said...

One of the lawyers at my firm said of a co-worker..."he never finishes a brief...he just runs out of time"....i think that is the all of these legal writings shake out.

Hang in there. Don't let this fuckin' paper eat your fuckin' Taco Bell.

ps. I don't know why my profile doesn't show up on your does on other folks.

Stacy said...

When in doubt consult the urban dictionary!!!

2. Snatchtastic

1proper noun Snatchtastic: Very famous insane clown that has been seen chasing young girls in the Seattle area.
2Snatchtastic used to describe a poon of perfection.

The Namby Pamby said...

Academic Integrity goes out the window when you are able to footnote