Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Loud Talker on the Red Line #2


I have ADD. I can't read on the train while listening to your fucking stupid conversations. So if you MUST talk loudly, be a little fucking interesting, ok? Am I asking too much?

This is what I learned about this one, who was talking to her co-worker, who I think knew I took her picture.

- She quit smoking last January, on the very day the Chicago smoking ordinance went into effect. She feels much better, walking up steps is better, and it's much better for her high blood pressure.
- Her "son of a bitch" ex husband put their dog to sleep because he wasn't willing to shell out $3,500. She thinks that's the case anyway, although he'd never admit it.
- She reallly thinks her co-worker should quit smoking as well. That it's hard, but it's a "good hard". (good hard... heehee wonder when the last time she had the good hard?)
- She had no idea how long of a commute her co-worker had.
- She thinks they'll be pleased with their Christmas bonuses.
- She thinks Starbucks prices are getting a little too steep.



free2bclear said...

Too funny!

Billy said...

maybe you need to listen to an ipod or something because i find these people EVERYWHERE! i dont think you'll win the "loud talker battle" but may the force be with you.