Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Miracle Nap

Ok, I slept for an hour, watched an episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen, ate a couple of steak tacos, and I'm revived. I'm set. I can easily go another round.

Who's my bitch? You, Advanced Criminal Procedure. You are my bitch.

You know who else is my Bitch, Forensic Evidence? YOU. YOU Forensic Evidence, are my bitch.
I will spank you both red and raw. Tomorrow.

I did the math wrong. This will all be over 27 hours from RIGHT NOW.

Doesn't matter. Grace is ready to rally.


Billy said...

Good to see you have the eye of the tiger.

I actually like Crim Pro, so I am sure Advanced Crim Pro would be down right wonderful.

Watch out folks at the bar tonight, I think Law with Grace will probably turn into Drunken Grace who may end up violating the law.

Grace said...


Billy said...

it's "werd" "dawg"

Harmless Error said...

I'm supposed to "brush up on" the entire NY Penal Code in the next two weeks.

We'll see how much crim I remember.

Billy said...

the beauty of the real practice of law is that you have the code with you at all times. You don't have to memorize it...you just need to be able to find the answer quickly. so the rule is, never, ever go anywhere without your code.