Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Most Disturbing Commercial Ever.

So, the commercial starts with a nice, Hispanic looking couple peacefully sleeping. All of a sudden Celine Dion's voice can be heard singing "Oh Christmas Tree". The couple wake up, looking a little confused. The wife looks a little scared. They jump out of bed, certainly to find out what the hell is going on. The kids come running out of their bedrooms, looking to their parents, horrified. They all slowly go down the stairs, the father in front, protecting his family. Celine Dion is lying down under their Christmas tree. Singing. The family then smiles, looking relieved. As if they're not at all disturbed that a crazy French Canadian singer has broken into their home.

The voiceover then says: "If only everyone could have Celine under the christmas tree"

God help Celine Dion if she shows up in my fucking apartment singing under my fucking Christmas tree on Christmas night.


Billy said...

is fuck your favorite word?

Grace said...

I wouldn't say FAVORITE. But I''/m sure it's up there.