Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Ok, my MOM found my blog. Why couldn’t she have just watched me give a bj or something slightly less intrusive? In fairness, I had mentioned it to her a LONG time ago, but I didn’t expect her to remember or it or even comprehend what a blog is. Anyway she was driving me to the airport Saturday morning, and she’s like “So, I was doing a little research on the budget cuts, and guess what I came across? Law With Grace”

Fuck. My brain is back pedaling to what I’ve written lately that she actually read. Fuck. Glow in the dark vibrator. Slut. Pill popping boozer. Christmas. Fuck mother fucker fuck shit ass rat fuck.

So, I asked her what she thought, she said she was glad I didn’t write anything about her. Then I exclaim “You read about my vibrator!” and she was all calm and simply said,

“Honey, you think I have no experience with a vibrator?” She’s fucking funny. But I’m a little grossed out.

I made her promise not to read it anymore. It’s sort of hard to make an invasion of privacy argument when you have a public blog, but I managed to AND informed her that I can see from the site meter whether or not she’s reading it. She didn’t really understand that, but I think she was cool with just not reading it. She’s cool like that. But still. Ewww.


Billy said...

Good to know Momma Grace knows how to call her own number.

Harmless Error said...

oh my god this is my worst nightmare. i've posted a couple times from my mom's laptop and couldn't figure out how to delete the page from the browser history.

my mom would probably be like yours though. but, eeeeek.