Monday, January 01, 2007

Is the Chief Justice Sniffing Glue?

I just read that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is saying that the salaries of federal court judges are so low that it has "reached the level of a constitutional crisis."

You have GOT to be fucking kidding me! A CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS? I'm sorry, can someone please remind me what part of the Constitution guarantees federal judges the RIGHT to make roughly $125,000 MORE than the average American?

Roberts called the wages "grievously unfair." I'm sorry, with all due respect, The Chief Justice is a fucking whiner.

Let's talk about what's "grievously unfair" for a moment, shall we? Losing 40-50 public defenders who are way underpaid anyway while Todd Stroger concerns himself with his new private elevator.

OK. What else is "grievously unfair"? How about that gay people can't get married? Why don't you work on that one Chief Justice Roberts? Or how about that gay people can't serve in the military? Let's not deal with human injustices. No... let's go back to salaries.

Here's something "grievously unfair": A federal judges salary is the equivalent of three public school teachers salaries. Or three states attorneys salaries.

I'm sorry. "grievously unfair"? Suck it up, Roberts.


Stacy said...

I think they forget to tell Chief Justice Roberts they are only working half days in most of the federal courtrooms. Little known fact...hearings run from 9:30 ish to 12:30. Then if the judge decides to go a whole day (which usually doesn't happen) the lunch break is about 2 hours long and the judge's staff has to be out of the court by 4:00. While I understand the reasoning that judges have lots of reading to do outside of the courtroom, I don't believe that reason anymore after seeing how much they don't know when you in front of them. Maybe we could pay them by the hour what immigrants get paid?

Stacy's conspiracy theory: The pay raise is an evil Republican plot. Most of the sitting federal judges are (R) appointees...this is the only way to keep the old bastards (that clearly need lunchtime naps) from retiring in the next couple of years. The (R)s know they are going to get their asses kicked in '08 so they are trying to salvage their control of the judicial branch.

allbilly said...

Good Theory Stacy. I think the "sacrifice" of making only $125,000 is a good filter to be sure the folks sitting on the bench want to be there.

Teachers are grossly underpaid, as are prosecutors and public defenders.

dixie said...


how do those federal judges ever survive?