Thursday, January 04, 2007

Useless Waste

Yes, that is my life. A useless waste. Here's what I've done in the last 4 days:

1. Watched at least 30 episodes of America's Next Top Model. Seriously. I am now a stupider woman. I couldn't get off the couch. It sucked me in.

2 . I went to the Dr. and insisted they perform an EKG on me because I was certain I was having a series of heart attacks. They said my heart is completely normal. I just have anxiety or panic attacks. So I told them that can't be possible because I've done nothing but watch America's Next Top Model, napped and read To Kill a Mockingbird for the 500th time. Such a law student cliche, loving that book. Even though Atticus is a defense attorney, I can't get enough of it. Anyway, my point to the Dr. was that since finals are over, and the nightmare holidays are over, this is the LEAST stressful time in my life. Except for that I keep on having heart attacks. So, she asked me if I'd recently experienced any bad things in my life, so I have to tell a little of the "How Grace Spent her Summer" story. And then she sent me away, saying I'm fine, not having heart attacks, and should be seeing a therapist. I ask her if by "therapist" she means "Doctor who gives me pills to pop" and she said no.

3. Every moment that I wasn't sleeping or watching ANTM, I was watching Law & Order or CSI with a bottle of wine.

4. I've spent so much time on my couch, its lost its shape.

5. I've read law school blogs, or "blawgs" as they are called in law school geekdom.

6. I've checked my grades online and only one grade is posted. How fucking long does it take to read a couple of freakin essays. And WHAT'S the excuse for the delay on Scantron exams. It's not reasonable. And I check them like every 45 minutes like a fucking 1L would.

Sidebar- doesn't Hilary Swanks new movie "Freedom Writers" sound exactly like Michelle Pfeiffers movie "Dangerous Minds"?

7. I have broken almost all the New Year's resolutions I've made. The only reason I haven't broken all of them is sheer laziness.

8. I wrote my rent check. It will bounce.

9. I've had my laptop on my lap for so long that it's left indentations on my thighs.

10. I did take lots of pictures of loud talkers on the redline. I'll post them soon.

11. I chose a vacation destination. I will be going to Detroit. SEXY!!! I was going to leave tonight but I got engrossed in a little show called America's Next Top Model. I'm definitely leaving tomorrow. At noon.


Harmless Error said...

I seem to gravitate toward rereading To Kill A Mockingbird at least once a year.

Therapy is good! Do it!

allbilly said...

get a to enjoy the downtime. be lazy now...cause the days are numbered