Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Barristers Ball

Often referred to as Law School Prom, last night lived up to its name. Everyone looked gorgeous, the food was non-descript, and everyone ended up fall down black out drunk. I was no exception. My dress was red and my hair was curly, and I drank buckets of wine.

Here are some things I remember:

They made us choose when we bought the tickets if we wanted chicken, pasta or fish. I chose pasta. But last night I wasn't feeling like having pasta. So, at the little check in place, I asked if I could switch. And they told me I couldn't. Which was fucking retarded. As if the hotel makes EXACTLY the amount that is ordered. Please. So then I asked a little bit later, and still the answer was no. All I wanted was a fucking piece of fish. So when the waiters came out, I told the waiter that I ordered fish, and guess what? I got the fucking fish. So I'd like to apologize to the person who was stuck with my pasta. As it turns out, it was better than the fish.

Towards the end of the night, a girl who was drunker than me came up to me and introduced herself. Actually she had to tell me her name like 5 times. I guess I'm supposed to know her because she's a member of the law school student group that I am the president of. But I don't pay attention to people so it's no wonder I don't know her. Anyway, I think she was a 1L. And she was totally hitting on me! And I can't remember her name, except that it may have been Irish sounding. She also had pretty hair.

My friend who I LOVE who told me he wasn't going to go to Prom, showed up, and looked dashing. He should marry me. As a matter of fact all my guy friends looked so awesome, and those in the tuxes? Fuckin A. Yum.

In a rare moment of Grace exercising decent judgment, I didn't attend the after party that my friend was having, deciding instead on sneaking an early pass out. All sides involved report that I missed the biggest knockdown dragout in the history of law school.

As of this morning, the drunkest picture of me that has ever been taken is now in circulation.

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