Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Googling Todd Stroger Stats

"Todd Stroger" Nepotism = 2190 hits
"Todd Stroger" layoffs 1,210 hits
"Todd Stroger" Idiot = 604 hits
"Todd Stroger" irresponsible = 524 hits
"Todd Stroger" unconstitutional = 298
"Todd Stroger" Urkel=255 hits
"Todd Stroger" Douchebag = 30 hits
"Todd Stroger" "Gray Davis" = 26 hits
"Todd Stroger is a joke" 2 hits
"I hate Todd Stroger" = 2 hits
"I love Todd Stroger = 0 hits
"Todd Stroger is Smart" = 0 hits
"Todd Stroger Support" = 0 hits
"Todd Stroger Supporters" 0 hits

Admittedly, sometimes (very rarely) the latter is not being used to describe the former. I'm just reporting the stats. Do with them what you will.

Additionally, I googled the phrase "Todd Stroger is a". Here are the top 20 hits:

1. "I think Todd Stroger is a joke,"
2. "
Todd Stroger is a man struggling to come out of the shadow of his father."
"Todd Stroger is a man. He might not have as much bass in his voice as I got, but he's a strong man."
"No thinking person in Cook County will believe Todd Stroger is a reformer,"
5. "
Todd Stroger is a beneficiary of his father’s largesse, always been on the government payroll."
6. "
However, the biggest problem we have with Todd Stroger is a lack of knowledge in running the office. "
7. "
Todd Stroger is a former state Rep and son of John Stroger who was chosen by the Democratic Central Committee after the serious stroke suffered by his father forced the elder Stroger to vacate the ticket."
8. "A vote for Todd Stroger is a vote for Divine Right of Kings and the right of royal succession.
"Todd Stroger is a man,"
"A vote for Todd Stroger is a vote for corruption!"
"No thinking person in Cook County will believe Todd Stroger is a reformer,"
"Todd Stroger is a lying little shit who has no business being Cook County Board President."
13. "BTW, did you catch that Burt Odelson, District 209 attorney and attorney for the Stroger campaign, claimed Todd Stroger is a reformer."
14. "Todd Stroger is a pleasant young man, but even Democrat ward bosses have publicly called him a "lightweight," clearly agreeing with Tony Peraica that Todd Stroger does not have the ability to preside over a $3 billion corporation, which is exactly what Cook County government is."
15. "
Todd Stroger is a genial man who isn't strong enough to carry his father's gavel."
16. "
Though Todd Stroger is a young man, as a former investment broker, state legislator and five years as an alderman, he is qualified for the job as county board president, Beavers said."
17. "
Todd Stroger is a great political leader who has been in public office for the last 15 years. Do you hear anybody talking about that?"
18. "I think I should be able to write over and over again "If I don't have a job when I graduate it's because Todd Stroger is a douchebag" until I've filled up 30 pages." (That one was mine)
19. "Wow...Todd Stroger is a liar...just like his dad...I am so very surprised and shocked...NOT!"
20. "
Looking beyond the official discussions, the budget cutback ordered by Cook County Board President Todd Stroger is a reflection of a measure whose devastating consequences will affect the poorest."

Ok... I've wasted enough time. I've got to go google "anna nicole smith" some more.


Anonymous said...

Hey Grace, I liked your comments about the way PDs dress. On that note, I have a question for you: Why do so many lawyers wear crappy brown/light brown shoes with their dark suits? I've seen State's attorneys, PDs, and civil lawyers do it. Why is this very basic rule of male attire violated so often, and do these guys not see that even the sharpest suit in the world looks like dung when it's paired with light brown or casual shoes? I await your thoughts.

dixie said...

ha ha... bored?

Third Generation Chicago Native said...

Todd Stroger had turned out to be one of the biggest nightmares ever. Have you ever been to or seen a board meeting. If you have you can see this guy has no business being President of the second most populous county in this country. He is definately keeping our media employed, and attention away from all the other politicians.

Anonymous said...