Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Blogging my ASS off: A Trilogy Part II

So, after my fabulously indulgent trip to Mexico, I arrived at Midway airport, took the el to O'Hare Airport to go to Washington D.C. to get my gay on. The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network had their annual dinner, followed by a couple of days lobbying on Capitol Hill in an attempt to get lawmakers to understand the pure douchebaggery that is "Don't Ask Don't Tell".

It's not really my style to care about things, so I'll keep this brief. Don't Ask Don't Tell is a crock of discriminating shit. I spent a lot of time while I was in D.C. with people who had been thrown out of the military under this policy, including a top military recruiter and an Arabic Linguist to name a few. And to think for one second that these people are somehow a threat to national security or whatever dumbfuck argument these homophobic hicks are spouting this week is a true slap in the face to not just the gay servicemembers, but ALL servicemembers.

And while I appreciate the fact that the world is full of different opinions, if you don't agree with me, don't argue with me. Just go fuck yourself. I don't have the attention span for a long lease on any soapbox. And you're likely a complete idiot anyway.

American Idol Beak: Oh MY GOD. SANJAYA HAS GOT TO GO!

Ok. So here are some of the dirtyfabulous moments of this trip.

- Falling in love with the hottest gay man alive. Seriously. HOTTEST. GAY. MAN. ALIVE. And he was so sweet!!! And bought a lot of wine. And made breakfast.
- Walking in on the HOTTESTGAYMANALIVE. having hot sex with a hot latino.
- Seeing the cast of the L Word at the SLDN Dinner, and Cybil Shephard was wearing clown pants and running shoes at a black tie event. It was so weird!
- Making inappropriate jokes in cemetaries.
- Making a deal with my Soldier Girl that whoever dies first actually has to be buried in an actual short bus.
- The Rally on Capital Hill, and listening to people who aren't total douchebags or fuckstains talk about gays in the military.
- Did I mention Soldier Girl and the HOTTESTGAYMANALIVE being two of the coolest people in the history of life?

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