Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dear Pretty Much Everyone I Know,

Ok. Here's the deal: I'm really really scared about whether or not I'm going to get this job. It's pretty much all I think about. So please, please PLEASE stop asking me about it. I know it's not your intention to be the catalyst for yet another full blown panic attack when you casually say, "Hey, so ya hear anything about the job yet?" but you really need to know the effect it has on me. Please please please just trust me that as soon as I hear anything at all YOU ALL WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW. I will not keep my employment a secret from anyone. I promise. I will be shouting it from the fucking rooftops if I get the job. And if I don't, well. I'll still make sure you all know so you can come over with bottles of liquor. Oh, and another inappropriate question: "So what do you think the CHANCES are that they'll hire you?" Really? Really? Come on! You want me to break it down to Las Vegas odds? Please don't make me do that to myself. Ok. I'm already doing it to myself. Just don't make me say it out loud. It's a long shot, ok? But I am remaining hopeful. Please. Stop. Asking.

And if I can just think forward a bit, here's yet another question you WON'T need to ask... can anyone guess what it is? anyone? Anyone? Ok, if you guessed "So, any news on the bar exam yet?" then you win. Do NOT ask me that question. On behalf of every law student I know, do not ask ANY bar exam taker that question. Ok? Ok. Thanks.

Love, Grace

Harmless Error? Dixie? AllBilly? Fellow 3L's? Anyone else? Am I wrong here? Feel free to back me up....


dixie said...

i agree.

those two questions are off-limits. if there was an answer to either of them, grace would have already told you.

Harmless Error said...

Absofuckinglutely. I give Grace permission to kill the next person who asks her either question.