Monday, April 09, 2007

Grace & her Mom: Buying a Condo

Grace: Did you like it?

Mom: I did! A lot! But, Honey, doesn't it bother you that it's above a liquor store?

Grace: I actually like that.

Mom: The bedrooms are sort of small. Do you think you may outgrow them?

Grace: I think I stopped growing when I was in my late teens, Mom.

Mom: That's not exactly what I mean.

Grace: Well, if I get sick of it, I can paint it, or redecorate it.

Mom: Again, that's not what I mean.

Grace: What DO you mean? Spit it out.

Mom: Well, your father and I want to know what are the chances you'll find someone to live in this place with you within the next five years? Like in a romantic sense.

Me: (blink)...(blink,blink)...(blank stare)...(blink)...(blink)...I have to pee.

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