Friday, April 20, 2007

Letters From My Family

Letter #1 from Dad (includes check)

Dearest Grace:

Enclosed is my check for your earnest money. Although I might seem hesitant, I am really behind this project and hope you get the apartment. (I just hate the word "Condo" It sounds like a birth control device.)

I am looking forward to your announcement that you have got the job.


Letter #2 from my sister (includes tube of makeup or something)


I'm sorry we fought and I'm sorry you felt I was being critical of you. You have to try this eye cream. My client says he sells it to patients to cover up scars and dark circles. Thought you could use it for the circles under your eyes. (Yes. I noticed!) Use SPARINGLY.



Harmless Error said...

Hehehe. For most of law school, and definitely during summer bar hell, I really found dark circles under people's eyes attractive. I'm just now getting over that.

Daisy Duke said...

Um. I love your family. They'd get along well with mine.