Thursday, April 12, 2007

Loud Talker on the Red Line #5

Office Gossip Douchebags are funny. Ok, this guy works for a lower income housing project, or a series of lower income homes. I wasn't quite sure. He was taking several new employees on tours of the properties. Here's what I learned about him. AND his co-workers:

1. Stephanie does NOT have a good phone voice. One time, Douchebags girlfriend called, and she couldn't even figure out what the womans name was. She was like "Tiffany? Jenny? Melanie?, I totally didn'tunderstand that she was saying Stephanie."

2. Marilyn thinks she's the shit. But she's not. Sometimes you just have to let her have her way, though and be like "oooookay Marilyn!"

3. Everybody who's name is Maria is a bitch. Except for the Maria in payroll, but she's got a weird walk. And she probably has a little drug problem, because she talks WAY too slow to be normal. But she's a nice little person.

4. Douchebag has been working there for a really long time... and once the new girls get the hang of it they'll see there's a "method to his madness".

5. He used to do the Renaissance Fairs with Rick which is how he even got into this line of work. (Doesn't he TOTALLY look like a renaissance fair guy?)

That's all


aguaninio said...

this argentine guy had fun reading you.


The Burton Report - Arizona Cardinals said...

I think I'm already trained like a Pavlov dog, just seeing "Loud Talker on the Red Line #5 gets me laughing before even reading the posts.

Keep 'em coming!