Monday, April 30, 2007

Loud Talker on the Red Line #6

Loud Talker's Friend (in a semi hushed tone): Umm. I think that blonde girl just took a picture of us with her camera phone.

Loud Talker: I know! ohmygod. That's so creepy.

OK, bitches. Maybe it was a little weird that I didn't even try to hide that I took your picture BUT YOU WERE JUST THAT FUCKING ANNOYING. And yeah, I suppose I wish you didn't get off at my stop and it's maybe not the coolest that we go to the same school, but whatever, I'm officially done with class. You're an undergrad anyway. You can suck it. Here's what I learned about you.

1. Your parents, like have this totally awesome kitchen, and like an awesome fridge, and they like stock every kind of alcohol you could ever think of, and you and your friends like TOTALLY trashed it.

2. You, like met your boyfriend when you were like, 14, but then his parents moved him to Ohio, so like you guys just lost touch, but then you met back up at Chapel Hill when you were visiting. He's soooooooo sweet. And totally like, mature.

3. Oh my god. Your feet hurt, like SO bad. (She then takes off her shoes ON THE FUCKING EL) You showed your friend your nasty asss blister that you got from your awesome new shoes, but they're so cute, that the blisters are worth it.

4. You are like so sick of night classes. But ohmygod. Day classes suck too. School, just like sucks.

5. The weather is totally making your hair just bleh. It's driving you totally crazy.

6. You like totally wish you lived in New York. It's just so cool. People are just, like, you know. Like totally real in New York.

I know the picture quality isn't the best. Sorry. Well, not really. Who really cares.

This posting is dedicated to Scott over at the Burton Report. Thanks for my cool banner! Go Matt Leinart!


Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!

Daisy Duke said...

Grace, I totally, like, wish, we could like, get a drink sometime. I pinky swear not to take my shoes off! OMG, it will be soo great.

Justice Moustache said...

This post is ridiculously on point.

Marry me.

Grace said...

I heart Justice Moustache. He's a dirty boy.

The Burton Report - Arizona Cardinals said...

Thanks for the mention! All the Loud Talker posts are instant classics. Keep 'em coming!