Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Two Cents on Law School Rankings.

I've seen on various message boards and heard a lot of people talking lately about law school rankings. Which schools have fallen, which schools have risen, and whether or not it was warranted etc...These discussions can get pretty mean. I think it's weird and I don't really like it. Not because of my school's ranking which I don't think is terribly high or terribly low. I don't really know or care. I'm pretty confident that my personal inferiority isn't affected by these rankings. I still am bothered by the shit talking, though. Here's why:

First of all, let's assume that these rankings have any validity at all, I find it, for lack of a better word, gauche to go on about it. The same way it's gauche to discuss how much money you make, or how much your car costs. It's tacky. The person driving the Ford knows that the person driving the Lexus spent more money. No need to point it out. It doesn't need to be discussed. (The fact that those with the nicest cars can still be the worst drivers is besides the point).

Bragging about law school rankings reminds me of when an NFL football player scores a touchdown and spends the next five minutes congratulating himself, forgetting that (duhhhhh!!) the reason why they get their million dollar salaries is that touchdowns are expected of them. If you're that smart, and that gifted, why do you have to run around advertising it through your prestigious law school? Unless of course, (gasp) deep down inside, you don't think you really belong there.

Something I found interesting was that it's not even the top four or five law schools who are doing the shit talking. It's more like the top middle. But guess what? Top middle is still just that. Middle. You're bragging about being a little better in the middle. You are really only one grade point, LSAT point, or blowjob away from a law school slightly higher in the middle or slightly lower in the middle than the one you are at right now. It's no biggie. Almost all of us are in the middle.

Law School administrators work like crazy to boost their rankings for one purpose, and it's not an overwhelming concern for the quality of your education. A better ranking means a justification for our law schools to drive us further into six figure debt by raising tuition. Really. That's all.

Lastly, what does the ranking actually do for you? The top 10% of my class were offered the same jobs at the same firms as the top 10% of your class. The C students at my school are struggling to find jobs the same way the C students at your school are struggling to find jobs. Your higher ranked school won't get you a job at the State's Attorney's office or the Public Defender's office if you haven't logged the man hours working there for free. Just like us. We're both equally fucked when someone with an influential father wants the job we want.

If you actually need to define yourself by your law school's ranking, chances are you are a douchebag. If you feel that you are somehow superior to me because of your law school's ranking, chances are really good that your law school will be the only thing "top tier" about you.

Why be mean?

Now I have to get my very highly ranked ass to Wills & Trusts.


Chia said...

Amen to all of that, from a Cornell student.

What's even funnier is how people struggle to find excuses for snootiness here. I'm better than you because I went to a higher-ranked undergrad school. I'm better than you because I'm going to a higher-ranked firm. It's hokum, all of it.

The Enabler said...

And please Grace, tell us exactly how that Wills & Trust lecture was...

Or perhaps you can't, because you took your top tier self to get drunk and play Sex and the City trivia...

Those of us who can never have that scheduled class-time portion of our lives back commend you.

The Burton Report - Arizona Cardinals said...

Woohoo! Grace brings in some football talk!

Grace said...

You know, Enabler... I have a couple of things to say to you.

1. You're a tattler. Just like Cindy Brady.

2. I had every intention of going to Wills & Trusts. Sometimes things just happen.

3. We sent you a text message that class was canceled. You could have chosen to just believe us, and spent the evening playing Sex & The City Trivia and drinking champagne too.

4. This is not a school rank issue. It's a 3L issue.

5. Where were YOU the last ten days? Was that a SUNBURN I saw?

5. Suck it.

Anonymous said...

Love Jeremy from that one SLDN dinner. Hope you weren't so drunk you forgot who I am.

J. Weezy said...

Quoting Harold Melvin:

"Hey lady, can I say something to you for a minute? Please? No now, before you take your coat off. That's it. I've got something to tell you, and see, what I have to say is so very important to our relationship. Why is it that everytime we go out on the town and get around my friends, man, you're always talking about what you got *sigh* what I done bought for you, and how much money I make. And what school our children go to. And all the fancy clothes and the big pretty cars and the big diamond rings and the fantastic minc coats. Is you for real? No, I don't think you are? Sit down now, no, sit down. No don't say nothing. You see, wait-a-minute, wait-a-minute, that's your problem. That is your problem. You're always saying the wrong thing at the right time. You see, I-I don't know how to explain it to you. The best I can tell you is what my mother told me as I was coming up. She used to tell me, 'Son, you see chances go around. The same people you meet going up, you meet the same old faces coming down.' Heh, tell that truth."

Sorry for all this, but your post reminded me of the prequel to a great song.