Thursday, April 26, 2007


is officially my last day of law school classes. I have a makeup day for Vag & the Law (wouldn't it be funny if on the makeup day in feminist jurisprudence, we all like, learned how to properly apply mascara?)

Anyway. I'm turning in my 33 page piece of crap also known as my Senior Seminar paper. Yay me! It's printing out now. Then I''m going to class. Then I'm getting really really drunk. All are welcome to join me at that bar downstairs.


Daisy Duke said...

I sent you an email to your lawwithgrace account, thaaaanks.

Anonymous said...

Does it make me your stalker if I randomly stumbled upon your blog and realized I am in your fem jur class? 'Cause I am totally not a stalker, but I do think your blog is funny.
Kinda random, but I thought I'd give you a shout out anyway.

Grace said...


Of course it doesn't make you a stalker. You're going to have to try MUCH harder if you want to be my stalker. And I completely encourage it. How'd you randomly find my blog anyway?

Anonymous said...

I spend time reading law blogs instead of doing work. So I moved from Daisy's blog to yours. See you in class!