Thursday, May 03, 2007


No, I STILL have not heard about my future employment. Thanks (to most of you) for not asking. I'm going crazy though. Literally going crazy. I can't think about anything else. I've done every possible meaningless task to occupy the empty hours I spend waiting for that phone call or that letter in the mail. I've ran out of ways to distract myself.

So I've decided the one thing that will keep my mind off the job thing is hunger. So I'm going on a hunger strike. I just think it might make the time go by a little faster. It's going to be a semi hunger strike. I'm only going to eat pretzel rods. The pretzel rods may be dipped in salsa if I desire. The only beverages I'm allowed to drink are water, diet coke, and champagne. Prescription drugs, of course, are also allowed.


Daisy Duke said...

You should cheat on a final exam, that would provide some distraction.

Justice Moustache said...

Prescription drugs are one of my favorite hobbies! Not so much the pretzel rods though.

Good luck with the real world... at least you're finished.