Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why Living Alone Sometimes Sucks

This is the bug that I captured in my bathroom this morning. It's huge and scary and gross, and I didn't want to kill it, because I was afraid I'd miss, and then the bug would be pissed off and try to hurt me. So I just put a martini glass on top of it, and then closed the bathroom door. I'm a big believer in the "ignore the problem and it goes away" theory. Because when I lived with someone else, they would go in the bathroom, see the bug martini, and dispose of it as they saw fit. Now, it seems the bathroom door will just remain closed forever, and I'm going to have to pee in the sink.

Any idea what kind of bug this is?

Anyone wanna come over and kill it for me?


Harmless Error said...

I have no screens on my windows, because apparently I'm supposed to buy them myself (wtf). About an hour ago, a huge bumble bee flew in and then wasn't smart enough to get out through the same opening. So I opened the window wide in order to shoe it back outside, and in my haste and desire not to get too close to it for fear of getting stung, I lost my balance standing on top of my radiator, fell off, managed not to die, but smacked my elbow the corner of a table and now I'm going to have a serious bruise. And it made me cry.

That was a long way of saying that when it comes to bugs, living alone does in fact blow.

prettylawchick said...

Isn't that an earwig???

And don't feel bad...I spazzed out over a wasp the other night.


Justice Moustache said...

Well done Grace. I wouldn't worry, you appear to have a firm handle on the situation... He looks pretty tired. And peeing in the sink sounds fun--it'll be just like living in the dorms again.

You should see some of the beasts I square off with in my apartment down here in the south once the weather warms up.

One request: the next time you drink a martini out of that glass, please take and post a picture. That is all. said...

You can always donate the fella to:

J. Weezy said...

Please see my most recent posting for round 2.