Thursday, July 12, 2007

12 Days Left

So, I have so much to say. But actually nothing that's particularly interesting. I tried to figure out what would make the bar exam less stressful, less demanding. I tried to figure out a way to stay calm, and centered and less anxious. So I figured I'd move into a new condo over the 4th of July holiday. Because moving is ALWAYS A RELAXING AND EASY ACTIVITY AND IT NEVER TAKES MORE THAN A COUPLE OF HOURS TO GET IT ALL DONE.

Actually, I didn't really have much of a choice. The condo that I had originally contracted for had fallen through, and then all of a sudden, it UN-fell through, but I had to move, like immediately. I got it done though, and it's actually much easier to focus in the new place. And I can sit in my jacuzzi tub and do evidence and property flashcards. And I can drink water with my choice of crushed or cubed ice. And YES. I live directly above a liquor store. I am supposed to have internet already, but I keep on getting fucked over by the person who is supposed to make it happen. I was trying to wait it out, because it's actually easier to NOT have the distraction. But I broke down today and hit the internet cafe. Here's what I find out: Nicole Richie STILL may or may not be pregnant, and Lindsay Lohan is NOT a lesbian. Fuck. Seems like such a waste of internet cafe time. I've learned nothing.

I totally verbally attacked a total stranger yesterday. He (who seemed like kind of a douchebag) was arguing with a woman about a parking space in the Whole Foods parking lot. I was completely uninvolved. I walked up to him and this is what happened:

Me: Are you REALLY going to waste your day arguing over a parking spot?

Dude: Are you REALLY getting involved?

Me: Fuck you, Loser.

Seriously. I did that. What's wrong with me? I'm blaming it on the bar exam.

Bar Exam Definition of the Day: A Holder in Due Course ("HDC") is a Holder who takes for value and goes and sucks his own dick.


Stare Decisis said...

It's definitely the bar exam. I find myself so snappish and irritable, that I welcome an argument to let off some steam. And that is definitely not me normally!

Fannie said...

WTF? lindsey isn't a lesbian now?

army girl said...

Why would Lindsey want to be a lesbian when she can honk the bo bo istead?

Justice Moustache said...

Living above a liquor store, eh? Woot!

PROS include: stumbling downstairs to buy more liquor; inceased likelihood that guests will buy liquor on their way up to your house. CONS include: sleeping in a bulletproof vest.

Jenny said...

Your HDC definition made me laugh so hard I peed a little.