Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dear Everyone Taking the Bar,

Put down your PMBR books for 1 minute and read this.

I know everyone is giving bar exam advice right now, but I am choosing to listen to this girl for 3 reasons. 1. She's really really smart. 2. She passed the bar. And 3. I hung out with her the summer she took the bar, and she wasn't all freaky about everything. She studied hard, but she managed to have a really fun summer, too.

Oh, and then read everything else she writes.


Fannie said...

and by:
"I hung out with her the summer she took the bar"

you really mean:

"I made her drink with me all summer, thereby ensuring many hungover BarBri sessions"

Grace said...

Ahh... Yes. The summer of red headed sluts and Since U Been Gone. I remember it well. Actually, my memory is a lttle hazy. I do recall you having a lot of sangria on your clothes, though!