Monday, July 16, 2007

Dear Explanation to Answer # 45 on the Practice MBE

Thank you very much for a decent description on why "B" was correct.

You then went on to give the reasons why "A" was wrong. Then, a very polite reason why "D" was wrong. And then you say this:

"C" is obviously wrong.

I hate to be redundant, Explanation to Answer #45, but fuck you! OBVIOSULY wasn't so OBVIOUS to me. I could deal without the attitude. Go fuck yourself with a champagne flute, Explanation to Answer #45.


PS. not to be outdone by the Namby Pamby J.D., artwork courtesy of Lilly, drawn on the back of my Criminal Law Outline


Harmless Error said...

God I really hated how those fuckers were so damn condescending in their "explanations." I wonder who the asswipes are that write the questions and answers. They're seriously fucked up. I still remember the one about how Ralph wanted Ricky and Lucy to watch him rape Ethel. *Shudder*

Kori said...

Dear Holli,
I don't believe that you were that perturbed at Q# 45. Because if you had been, then you would have a little snapshot on your blog of where you wrote next to it, while taking the test, "FUCK YOURSELF YOU ARE IRRELEVANT TO THE STUDY OF LAW YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!" That's what I do. Call me crazy, I DARE you.

Love, Kori

Anonymous said...

Is your name Holli or Grace? I'm confused.

Grace said...

My Blogger name is Grace.

My Porn name is Holli Seattle.

My real name is Go Fuck Your Cat.

last call at the bar said...

Awesome. This is why the examiners should read our scratch paper and notes, just like in grade school. So they know exactly where we are coming from.

Great blog. Glad you're posting again.

what bar? said...

My personal favorite asshole explantion: Answer (D) is incorrect because it makes no sense.

Lilly said...


Glad you have found a use for one of the many vulgar, small pornographic sketches I left ALL OVER your Barbri lecture handouts this summer. Cannot wait til we can act out said pornographic sketches together on our drunken post-bar vacation. I think the pitchfork scene would put Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa Minillo to shame.

Lewdly yours,

Anonymous said...

Note for Spouse:

Please call PMBR and regarding the full-length MBE in the back of the blue book, ask:

(1) What level questions are these?

(2) Please f***ing explain #34 and #105, as I missed BOTH of them.

#34: D's unreasonable belief (provication to kill) means that D's criminal liability is based on the actuality rather than on his subjective, unreasonable belief. Result: guilty of murder, not voluntary manslaughter because his belief was unreasonable (had it been reasonable, the homocide is mitigated to voluntary manslaughter.

#105: Even though D's belief was UNREASONABLE, killing is mitigated from murder to involuntary manslaughter.

WTF?! #@!%^*$#@!*!

Rebecca said...

Yeah, what is the deal with those questions in the blue book. I started taking them yesterday and I realized they weren't all written in English and the explanations were in Chinese, did I per chance get the wrong book?

Wendi (aka GrumpyAss J.D.) said...

That is seriously one of the funniest fucking things I have ever seen. I just laughed myself stupid. Taking the CA Bar exam next month (2010), came across your blog. Congrats on passing, and on the offspring.