Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Am Not a Good Person

So, they're recalling like a million of Hasbro's EZ Bake Ovens. They're doing it because little childrens hands are getting caught in them. So I have this image of some poor little girl walking into civil court with EZ Bake ovens singed onto her hands like little electric, burning mitts. And what do I do? I laugh.

I guess I'm kind of a bitch.


Anonymous said...

Are these homeless children? Because, of course, you've already admitted that you don't care about homeless people as much as you think you should.

Grace said...

Dude. Homeless children don't have anything to plug an EZ bake oven in to. Do I detect bitchiness? What's up with that, Anonymous?

Rebecca said...

All I could think of was strict liability, booh I am going crazy I think.