Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Bar is Over, but the Nightmares are Still Here

Ok. Hearing people talk about their dreams is boring, and this will probably be the only time I do it, so let's let it slide. Or just stop reading. I'll be posting about my super kick ass vacation soon anyway.

Since I took the bar exam, I am having the craziest nightmares about the fucking exam. You'd think that once I took the freakin thing, it would be over, but apparently not. Here are some examples:

1. I accidentally break off the seal to the test booklet before I'm told to and then run out of the room trying desperately to find a place to hide the broken seal. There's a proctors voice over some sort of intercom system calling my name and saying "Grace, we know what you've done. Just come back. We will only hurt you if we have to!"

2. In the dream, I only brought on pen to the exam. Naturally, it doesn't work. And no one will give me another.

3. For some reason, I brought my cell phone into the bar exam, and left it on. I got so freaked out once I realized that it was on and could ring at any moment that I couldn't concentrate on the test. And I knew if it rang, I would automatically fail, but if I went to the front of the room and retrieved the cell phone to turn it off, I would also automatically fail. Naturally, since this was a dream, the next thing I did was start screaming. Then Lilly Valencia showed up and told me that the proctors agreed I wouldnt fail so long as I let them confiscate my bag, take the pearls my mother gave me for graduation and keep my dog quarantined for a year. I agreed until I saw them leading my dog out of the testing room, at which point I woke up soaked in sweat.

4. My father and my estranged older brother show up in the testing room, drunk, demanding to speak to me. My brother angrily challenges me to a fistfight while my father looks on laughing. i agree to the fight. My brother hits me so hard I fall onto the floor, and my dad laughs and said "Well, honey, you're the one who wanted to be a lawyer!"

5. And the one I woke up from just about an hour ago involved the testing room flooding. and the water level getting higher and higher, and no one, including me is paying any attention. We're all just working on the MBE. I finally finish the test and throw it to a higher place where it won't get wet, but then I trip over something and sink under the water. Right before i think I'm about to die, I wake up.

So... ummm... is it just me, or is this happening to other bar exam takers?


Anonymous said...

I was having bar exam nightmares up until about 3 or 4 days ago. Almost all of them involved the MBE. In the one I remember most vividly, the proctors announced that the MBE was now 1000 questions instead of 200, but we would only have 6 hours to finish the exam. I flipped out and just started randomly filling in bubbles without reading any of the questions. That's all I remember about it.

But like I said, mine stopped a few days ago, and I'm sure yours will too. It helped putting all my bar study materials in a deep dark corner where I can't see them.

hsw said...

I had a dream the bar was two weeks long and I'd only done the first week and still had forgotten to do the second week and already had forgotten anything I thought I knew. . .Bleh.

I didn't dream much at all leading up to the test but now that it is over it features in all my dreams. Like last night in an unrelated dream my little sister was freaking out about the bar and she's not even in law school or anything, I think I was just seeing myself from the outside or something and she was certainly a nervous wreck in the dream. Sigh.

BobbyDinKnow! said...

I've had several, Grace. In one, I'm sitting around with classmates (many of which you know), and each one brings up a different MBE question and says I picked the wrong answer. This goes on for quite a long time. I then wake up shaken, relieved, and enraged at the same time. I have had about 3 different versions of the "you failed" dream since the bar.

Harmless Error said...

Eventually they will switch to fucked up work dreams. That in one form or another, will last the rest of your life. Fun.

Fannie said...

no one would have given you a pen. they'd be like, "one less competitor for me, bitch."

biff said...

I've begun bedwetting again.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks later and I'm having bar exam dreams too...mostly bad.

Can anyone answer this question:

I took the MPRE this week and the answer sheet scantron layout is counter-intuitive with "0" at the bottom of each vertical column (instead of 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. from top to bottom like it should be logically).

Anyway one of the preliminary boxes to fill in is the "form number" because there are different versions of the exam and the form number provides the answer key to your exam.

So with 2 minutes left I'd finished all 60 questions and I decided to double check the front page...it turns out I filled in a "1" where I was supposed to fill in "0" for my form number. I managed to erase and fix the mistake in time.

Now my great fear is, what if I did the same on the MBE? I'm sure the examiners gave out different versions. Can anyone who took the test at Fort Mason tell me if our form number had a "0" or if there's any way to double check or verify...

Crap, November can't get here soon enough.

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