Friday, August 17, 2007

Myspace Message

This arrived in my myspace inbox this morning:

"hi grace

You are a Goddess and I’m hoping you would be willing to help me on this very unique fun opportunity :) Please let me know what you think. This will sound wild, but I am for real. I hope to hear from you either way.

My name is Mark from the near north suburb of Chicago in Des Plaines. I am seeking ladies ages 18-65, who would love the chance to literally step all over a guy for fun, maybe vent some frustrations, or even for some extra easy cash. If we can do a few pics for my Myspace and webpage “ChitownTrample”, if not, that’s fine.

No sex or nudity involved. We will both be dressed.. If cash would be an incentive,

I pay $70 for you to walk stand dance jump stomp on me from stomach on up
I pay $30 to have me smell/kiss your tired feet and lick your shoes clean, so $100.00
or more depending on how open minded you are to put a man in his place.. All for just one hour of your time.: ) Yes, someone would pay you to walk on him and smell your feet and lick your shoes!!!

Interested? Want to know more? Not for you? Please write me back.
My profile goes more in detail with my pics, videos, and faq section to answer questions you might have.

I RESPECT SAFETY. I know meeting people is risky. If you want to bring friends or whatever you would like to make you more comfortable, I am totally fine with.
Thanks for taking the time to read my message. :)

Mark The Carpetman"


Erin said...

The Carpetman!?!?!


obsquatch said...

I always feel like I've learned too much about you when I check in with your blog. Tell your exes I say hi next time you talk to them.

p.s. I'm linking your page to mine because you are cooler than me and I want everyone to know it.

Grace said...


Thanks for the compliment. Since you have pictures of bull testicles on your blog, and I'm vaguely attracted to you, I'll link back.

Anonymous said...

If you felt at all like I would feel after receiving a note like that, my sympathies.

But believe it or not, it's not just guys that solicit, that offer money for favors. Society just turns a blind eye when a grown woman offers a bag-boy cash for a little extra attention. And if he complains about it, he's just going to get laughed at.


Miss Kitty Fantastico said...

aaa-WHAAAAA?! said...

lol another classic post