Thursday, September 27, 2007

Irrational Unfunny Blogpost

I am FUCKING FREAKING OUT. I think I failed the bar. I know I did. I can just feel it. And I'm right about these things. I'm almost always right.

Additionally, I lost my applicant number, so whenever everyone else finds out about the bar online, I'll still have to wait another week- maybe two weeks for the fucking letter to come in the mail. WHY DID I LOSE MY FUCKING APPLICANT NUMBER???

See, here's the thing... I'm actually an incredibly stupid woman, which if you know me well, you already know, but you're polite and treat me like I'm intelligent. But I'm a fucking idiot. You know what else I did? I got new insurance with my new job, and I had to pick a primary care physician. It took me, like 3 weeks to do this. I did google seaarches on every single doctor who worked at one of the nice hospitals in the city. Finally I found one in the BIG FAT BOOK they gave us of doctors to choose from. And I filled out the form, and I gave it to the appropriate person at my office. And then 3 weeks later, I forgot who I chose. And how does a person call up her work person and ask them "Uhh... who did I pick as my primary care physician?" It just makes me look dumb.

I've made reference on this blog to a significant event in my life that has not exactly been the best thing ever. This month. It seems there might be... closure.



Erin said...

1. I'm having the same fear right now--that I failed the bar. My recent dreams, nay, nightmares, have been of me telling my family that I have to take it again in February.

2. Call the ever-so-helpful Ibaby people; perhaps they can tell you your applicant number and put you out of your misery.

3. You're not the only one who thinks she's just fooling people into thinking she's semi-intelligent, but really is a huge moron. (I mean, I write things in numbered outlines to appear smarter all the time!)

Anonymous said...

I am pretty certain I failed too. Hell, I have still never figured out what subjects were being tested on the Illinois essays! But you won't have to wait a whole week, they mail the results the same day they are posted.

Rachel said...

it's totally cool. pretty girls don't need to be smart or make their own money. i would know.

hsw said...

I, too, am unsure what subjects were even tested. . .argh. Our results come out with the names listed right there for everyone to see. Good in the sense that I can't remember any applicant numbers (and through the whole test I was convinced I transposed the numbers sometimes so I might fail on that account) but bad in the sense that everyone will know whether or not I passed.

Hang in there.

Army Girl said...

You don't get to say you are "almost always right" then say you are an "idiot." How can someone who is an idiot be right so often? Plus, who remembers the person they picked as their PCP? They print it on the insurance card because hardly anyone remembers.

Grace, I am not polite...

Finally, you didn't fail the bar. I have ESPN ;-).

Jane Know said...

you did too pass the bar! and you are too smart. you're not foolin me.

and if not, well, like rachel said, pretty girls don't need to make their own money and stuff. we should know.

(just kiddin')

ps- you've been tagged by me.

Anonymous said...

i have that EXACT same feeling about the bar. this gut feeling that i will look and look for my number, followed by that punched in the stomach numbness, that yes, fuck me, i failed.

Kori said...

Please don't be ridiculous. I am always right about these things. Not you. ME. Shut up.