Wednesday, October 10, 2007


After work today, I walked into the bakery next to the el station.

"What can I get for you, Honey?" the guy behind the counter said.

"Um. This morning on the el platform, I got mad and threw my briefcase, and when I did, my xanax and my lipstick flew out of the side pocket, and fell into the alley behind your store. I don't expect to find the xanax, but I really love the lipstick, and I think Mac discontinued the color. Do you think I could go back there and take a look?"

"Uh.. sure honey... go ahead."

So, roughly 36 hours after I found out that I passed the bar, my friend broke up with me. It's weird. I've never been dumped by a friend. I spent some time thinking about it, and I sort of realized that I REALLY had a "friend breakup" coming. Not necessarily from the person who actually dumped me, because her motives for being my friend in the first place were sort of suspect (some people don't understand/can't accept the concept of "just friends,"), but I mean I sort of had it coming in general.

I do a lot of things that make me sort of a lame friend. I'm really good in clutch situations. In emergencies, I can be counted on to be there, the big celebrations, I'll be there. But most everything else- going to meet for drinks, making plans, returning phone calls, remembering birthdays- I kinda suck.

I'm also pretty good/fun-to-be-around once I can be convinced to leave the house, but it's often like pulling teeth. I don't know if it's because of "that thing" that I occasionally make vague references to that happened last summer, or I'm just an asshole, but either way, I could do better.

So here's what I want to say to my friends who read this blog: I'm sorry for so often being distant. I'm sorry if I ever make you worry. I'm sorry if you don't know how much I love you, I miss you, and how you mean the world to me. I'll try and be better. Thank you for loving me and not quitting on me despite my frequent disappearing acts, and predictably unpredictable behavior. Thank you for your understanding, even if it comes in the form of an eye roll, coupled with the phrase "Well, that's just how Grace is."

Thank you for not dumping me. I'm fucking lucky. Seriously.

PS. This doesn't apply to people I am actually trying to politely avoid.

PPS. This especially applies to anyone who knows what BGST means, people from So. Cal, and people with Vacation/Porn Names.

PPPS. I don't know what the lipstick/xanax story had to do with anything. But I found it right there in the alley. I shouldn't use it though, right? What if homeless people were trying it on all day?


Rachel M. said...

#1)Stop being such a pussy! #2)Fuck the xanax and down a bottle of white. And #3) should you blow me off in the future I'll show up at your house and throw eggs at your window until you come out and have a beer. So don't worry. I'll make sure you're around.

Jane Know said...

(a) don't use the lipstick. or maybe. i might. if it was chapstick, since i don't wear lipstick.

(2) i heart the BGST.

(c) i heart you. :-)

anonymoushottie said...

No way the homeless were trying on your MAC lipstick. I would be concerned about white pills in the area, just in case. And other than that, you rock.

Anonymous said...

Like having a xanax or downing a bottle of wine, the lipstick/xanax story let you relax enough so that you could let down your guard, and tell your friends that you love them. Few people are able to do that, and fewer still are around to hear it.

Daisy Duke said...

What about people who blog and go out for drinks with you and let you feel them up?? Do we count? I think we should count.

Making out with the fish is a poor idea, but getting a new fish is an awesome idea.

Lunch? Drinks?

Fannie said...

"I don't know what the lipstick/xanax story had to do with anything. But I found it right there in the alley. I shouldn't use it though, right? What if homeless people were trying it on all day?"

That just made me laugh out loud at work. How do you tell your co-workers at a nonprofit that you just laughed at a homeless person joke?

I heart you too, Grace. Even though you're elusive :-)

Harmless Error said...

We could be twins. Since we don't know each other anyway, let's just be friends who are distant and don't call each other back and rarely leave the house even though we kick so much ass when we do.

Grace said...

That's the best idea ever, Harmless. That's TOTALLLY what we are!! You're the smartest.

Commercial Paper said...

Is BGST anything like DVDA?

As for the qualities listed here, Grace, your love and devotion, your sparkle, your realness, your brilliance, and your warmth outweigh the dash of flakiness that makes people not hate you for being so hot.

Lilly Valencia said...

I am sitting here drugged out of my mind on pain killers from the oh so relaxing wisdom teeth surgery i had yesterday...the drugs are having the same effect as the drunken "i love you SO MUCH HOLLI SEATTLE/LILLY VALENCIA" discussions we so often have. SO I THOUGHT I'D LET YOU KNOW ONCE AGAIN MY DEAR that you are The Best One. xoxoxo Keep posting more blogs this weekend so I can be entertained...there's only so much TBS and ANTM reruns one can watch:)

Anonymous said...

Awww. BGST. Remember the good 'ol days when our friendship was measured by the amount of beer you could down after a BGST game? I kinda miss those days. Does anyone else?

Misspudding said...

Hi there! Would you believe I found this by googling "dumped by a friend"? :)

I, too, was just dumped by a friend in much the same way. I'm currently trying to better myself (finishing my M.S. in Seismology/Geology) and well, I was dumped! And I pretty much have the same attitude (pretty decent friend when you can get me out to party, but I'm pretty distant a lot of the time because, well, I'm BUSY).

Move right along. And don't forget your lipstick this time!! :)

Thanks for sharing your story!


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