Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Grace and Daisy Discuss Charity

Recapping their respective weekends in gmail chat, Daisy and Grace discuss their views on philanthropy...

is it bad that BISMOW and I did a juvenile diabetes walk for charity while completely hung over?

Grace: No. that's awesome. I went to a children’s oncology fundraiser and got TRASHED

Daisy: nice!

Grace: that brings up something I've been meaning to blog about...

Daisy: ooh what is that?

Grace: why do so many charity events involve running or walking? Why can't we have, like the "AIDS sit and drink"?

Daisy: and my two cents…please explain to me this- you want me to raise money and then you want me to run?


Daisy: where is the incentive? I want to raise money to sit in a bar! or shop! or eat delicious food!

Grace: I will get SO many people to sponsor me to sit on a bar stool and do shots with my friends, all in the name of Poverty

Daisy: YES, i'd much rather say, give me money for childhood cancer prevention, and in return i'll dedicate a shot to YOU

Grace: "Daisy and Grace's Drink Til You Can’t See Straight For Literacy"

Daisy: "YES Daisy & Grace Invite You to Drink to Obliviousness so We Can Obliviate Cancer!"

Grace: YES "Get Blacked out! So we can black out Autism"

Daisy: "Drink Like a Fish to Save the Fish & Lakes"

Grace: "Get the shakes..... for Parkinsons"

Daisy: "Shots for Violence Prevention"

Grace: ok... those last two may not fly.


Daisy Duke said...

Shots for Violence Prevention was my most imaginative ever. I can't believe you shot it down.


Fannie said...

haw haw haw!

there is a fun eat/drink for women's health event this spring!

it's way better than a run :-)

Mark said...

You really need to make one of these happen. I would sponsor the crap out of someone to Slam Coronas to End Lymphoma, or something.

Rachel M. said...

how about "shooters for hooters?" breast cancer prevention.

anonymoushottie said...

I also don't think "Roadpops for MADD" would work very well, either. But, who really likes MADD?

Jane Know said...

what about "The Drunk Stumble Home for Blindness?"

Rachel M. said...

and do we get a portion of the donations put toward our bar tab? why should i have to pay for my drinks when i'm so selflessly giving unto others?

Grace said...

How about "Drink til you Puke for Bulimia!"

Rachel M. said...

no way! you know i don't support skinny girls!

Grace said...

oh, and Daisy, shots against violence is clearly genius. For a moment, I thought we were crossing the line, but then I remembered I don't have a line. My bad!!

Daisy Duke said...

I think we really, really need to host a charity event. (And seriously where are the trolls? I'm waiting for some scathing comment about how we are evil and we should come down with Parkinsons and go to hell all while Anonymous pisses on our open wounds.)

Army Girl said...

Here are my suggestions:

Drink until you grab for breast cancer

Fall down for Downs Syndrome….this might cross the line

Fannie said...

Okay, I can't resist participating in this very Un-P.C. thread:

Drink yourself retarded for the Special Olympics!


Smoke pot and get paranoid for schizophrenia!

Grace said...

Goond ones everybody!!

And for the morning after one of these genius fundraisers, we can always have "Hair of the Dog- for Animal Rights"

Daisy Duke said...

Drink to Prevent Crhosis of the liver.

Harmless Error said...

Seeing Double to End Glaucoma.

Liquid Lunches for School Lunch Programs.

Happy Hours to Cure Depression.

vieve said...

oh my, i wish i was witty enough to participate. i miss your banter, for sure.

Anonymous said...

I need to meet girls like you two!