Monday, October 01, 2007

Nothing to Report

I still don't know about the bar results. I lost my applicant number, so I have to wait for the results to be mailed to me. That should happen in the next few days. I'm pretty sure I've failed though. In the meantime, I've compiled a list of things that suck. As always, in no particular order.

1. Regret

2. Panda Express

3. The decision to eat Panda Express when you could have just as easily had delicious Taco Bell

4. Fear

5. Losing your bar applicant number

6. Champagne hangovers

7. When your dog loves your neighbor more than she loves you

8. Shame

9. Running out of wine

10. Acting like an ass in front of your boss

11. Parking tickets

12. When your dog eats your chapstick without asking


m. said...

im sending positive thoughts out to you Grace. Good luck, fingers crossed, and knock-on wood!!

Army Girl said...

This deserves a response...

Taco Bell is always the default choice. I know you cost more than a Nacho Bell Grande.

The dog doesn't love anyone more than you. She likes fucking with your head a little to make sure you remain grateful you have her.

Many have sacrificed something to your lovely, innocent looking pooch. Chapstick is minor in grand scheme of things she has eaten.

I HATE the DMV. It needs to be renamed. Three trips this year to fix "clerical" parking ticket errors.

I will send you wine and steak. In that order.

Anonymous said...

Did you take the essay portion on computer? If you did, and you still have your file upload confirmation email -- your applicant # will be on that. I lost mine, but thankfully still had that email. Good luck!

Silly Little Law Student said...

C'mon if Namby passed by studying the greens more often than opening those terrible bar/bri books.... then I have no doubt you passed as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you til you get your letter though!

Justice Moustache said...

I would argue that 3 and 8 are pretty much the same thing.