Sunday, October 28, 2007

This Post Has No Point

Yet I will write it anyway.

I have done nothing this weekend. And when I say nothing, I don't mean nothing productive. I mean nothing. Except for drink wine and watch Law & Order episodes. And this morning I watched Detroit beat Chicago. Now I'm back to watching Law & Order.

Aside: If I did NOT vote for you on American Idol, I do NOT WANT TO SEE/READ/HEAR about your successes. DO YOU HEAR ME CARRIE UNDERWOOD?

My neighbor just called 311 which is the non-emergency number for the police to report that a neighbors dog has been howling and acting strangely, and apparently has been outside for the last 5 or 6 days. Then, when the 311 operator asked for her contact information, she handed me the phone and made me give mine. So now I'm waiting for the cops to call. The dog did look awfully sad. I tried tossing dog treats to him, but he wouldn't move.

Aside: If you spent last new years with me, will you please remind me what we did? Because I don't remember. AT ALL.

Speaking of dogs, above is a picture of mine. She's been pleasant-ish lately. She's cut down on the profanity at least.

"Love in the Time of Cholera" is a horrible name for a movie. Yet I can't lie. I'm intrigued.

A friend of mine gave me a list of reasons why people will love me. How fucking cool is that? I'm not going to post the list, because that would be embarrassing, but it's pretty awesome.

I want to write something clever, but it's just not going to happen.


Rachel said...

dude, next time just meet me at the bar.

anonymoushottie said...

I can't help with your last NYE, but I can tell you what I did. I sat on the couch by myself and watched a Law & Order marathon and drank champagne until I couldn't follow the plots anymore. Then I passed out around 2 am.

My parents went out on fabulous dates and vacations and such. So, I am officially way less cool than my parents. Sigh. Hope that helps.

Army Girl said...

NYE: At 12:45 (Chicago)/1:45 (DC) we spoke on the phone for 14 minutes. The things you can find out from online bills. I'm pretty sure we were both drunk because I had gone to a dinner party with wine all night.

P.S. This is just embarrassing to admit but on NYDay we spoke for 137 minutes. YIKES!!

Jane Know said...

you hung out with me and a couple others at "that one bar." it was pretty low-key. when we left the bar, i think you were about to start making out with some woman with a british accent. we also got our picture taken for nitespots or whatever... i'll show it to you as proof that you were with me. there are worse NYEs than that!

ps- i heart your dog.

Grace said...


Ah yes! I sort of thought we were together at "that one bar"

And NOW I remember the British woman! And I remember she called me the next morning to go to brunch, and I didn't call her back. I'm an ass.

Jane Know said...

haha... you didn't call her back? no surprise there. ;-)

Harmless Error said...

I think your dog and my dog would be friends.