Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. My computer is in the shop getting fixed. Because it's broken. Speaking of broken things, my car is also broken.

Anyway, so that's why I'm not posting. Because I don't think the tax payers want me blogging from work. But since I'm on my lunch hour now, it's sort of ok.

so I got into the elevator today, and a cop got in behind me. Here's our conversation:

Cop: Excuse me, but weren't you on the corner last night yelling at some guy?

Grace: Yes. Yes, that was me.

Cop: I thought you looked familiar. I thought about intervening, but you seemed to have the situation under control.

Grace: I did. But thanks.

Cop: I hope you never get mad at me like that!

Grace: Well then. Don't abruptly stop me on the street to ask me a question, and then proceed to tell me about your stupid five star salon, and then when I politely say no thanks, and walk away, you call me rude. Furthermore, don't ever ask me if I "have a second for the environment," or if I "have a second for the children," or if I "have a second for human rights." Because even if I did "have a second for the environment," or "have a second for the children," or "have a second for human rights," I wouldn't waste it on some overly perky mama's boy hippie who thinks it's ok to try and shake hands with random women he sees on the streeets of downtown Chicago.

Cop: Have a good day, Ma'am.

Grace: You, too Officer.


David A said...


You were yelling at some guy on the street corner?

Which street corner?

Kick ass, Grace!

Harmless Error said...

I yelled (under my breath) at some guy (stupid kid) on the corner today too. Ok, not the same thing. I'm not as gutsy as you.