Thursday, January 10, 2008

Personal Day

So, I took a "personal day" today. Back when I worked in the entertainment industry, if I called in to my boss and said "I'm taking a personal day" I would get laughed at. I once actually had to show up to work hours after a botched wisdom tooth extraction when I was bleeding my face off. Just so I could sit in a room and listen to a D List actress pitch us an idea for a reality show. Hollywood isn't the best place for a girl like me.

I'm seeming to be a more natural fit for government work, though.

I watched some kick ass bad television today, and drank a bunch of diet coke.

But now, I'm a little bored. And jacked up on caffeine.

ANYWAY. Thanks to everyone who gave me idea on what to blog about. Unfortunately, it just confirmed what I already sort of knew. I HAVE NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE TO TALK ABOUT. But I tried to comment a little about everything. I mean, if you went to the trouble, and I asked and all... I suck.

Scott Rose-

Thank you for checking in! We were getting worried about you! :)

Scott, I love you. To those of you who don't know Scott Rose, that's your fucking loss. Scott Rose is a smartie-pants who's also super funny and a total babe. And unless someone asks me first or I stop drinking, I'm gonna marry him. Check out his regular column in Mac/Life Magazine. It's on Page 88.



An application for sister wives and waiving the requirements

I will waive the application process for sister wives for people who um have unique qualities to bring to our polygamy condo. Or if you make good martinis.

Drive thru issues

When the FUCK did McDonald's change its lunch hours to start at 11:00? It's supposed to be 10:30. fucking assholes.

And the I need to say anymore, Grace

Here's my counter. Why the FUCK are there dog prints all over it?

Mr. Saddle Shoes-

We've had some primaries ... how about political commentary? I know you aren't afraid of alienating your readers with your opinions.

I'll wait for the sex tapes to be released.


The way the media fell all over itself to play up the big story this week - the Supreme Court voter rights case from Indiana.

Dizzy, you need to start blogging again. Seriously. What the fuck?? As far as the Supreme Court voter rights case, I'm sorry. I don't really care. I see both sides. Ultimately, does "Undue Burden" mean "I should be able to get through life being a total lazy fuck who can't be bothered to track down copies of birth certificates, but who still cares enough to vote?" Can I bring you a fucking beer and pizza with your ballot, too? Want a fucking massage, too?

On the other hand, I say that because it's not a problem I am personally burdened with. So if other people REALLY think it's an undue burden, and there's not an overwhelming voter fraud problem in Indiana, then why make it harder for the poor and stinky people?

cute new outfits!

I have no cute outfits. I have a few pairs of cute shoes but that's it. Here's my closet. I've got a lot of black, as you can see.


David A.-

You mean to tell me there are NO Loud Talkers on the Red or Brown Line lately??

Actually, Loud talker on the Brown Line: Law Student Edition will be posted sometime this week.

Oh, yeah, and ... aren't you the one that says she watches everything having to do with Law & Order? Any comments about the latest cast additions to the show?

I haven't seen a new episode of L&O in forever.



Lindsay Lohan's incessant wearing of leggings?

As long as LiLo has a bottle of bubbly stuck to her lips at all times, she'll always have my heart leggings or no. You hear me Lindsay?? Lose the drugs and booze = lose my love.

The freakish weather patterns in the United States?

I'm ok with it.

The CTA Doomsday that never comes but forces us to listen to the same horrible message over and over again to contact our state representatives?


My glorious new Cole Haan boots?

Let's see a picture, Daisy. I'll be the judge.


That's all I got. For the moment. I hope I come up with something to say soon. Law With Grace = Snoozefest.


Jane Know said...

How about blogging about fun bar games to play?

(guess the occupation/bachelorette party/etc)

biff said...

Are you goth?

Grace said...

Nope, Biff.

Not Goth at all. That's kind of funny to imagine though.

I'm just one of those attoneys who always wears a black suit.

It's more laziness than anything else.

vieve said...

Grace, despite the fact that you think you have nothing to blog about, your last blog just made me laugh out loud at my desk. Thanks. I needed that.

P.S. Who knew you were so neat and tidy?

Daisy Duke said...

Except in chocolate brown leather.

They are glorious. The end.

Fannie said...

Your closet is VERY tidy, I'm impressed!

Also, if you blog about drinking/bar games, don't forget The Ass Grabbing Game.


Jane Know said...

lol, i was also laughing at the very tidy closet...who knew? ;-)

not that you are a messy person at all. it was just cute. my closets never resemble the ball of tidiness that is yours.

Grace said...

OK... when I get home, I'll take a picture of one of my other closets. I just pick my tidy-ness battles.

Vieve- Making you laugh is about as good as it gets. I miss you!

Fannie- I think the ass grabbing game is maybe the best thing we've EVER come up with. Except for party crashing drag queen pageants.

Jane- Don't look too carefully at my closet. There are not one but TWO items of clothing that might appear to be familiar to you. One you gave me, and the

Daisy- They are glorious. You are glorious.

Rachel M. said...

no way need to show a close-up of the closet. i believe it's one of the 1st things i commented on upon entering your bedroom. they need to see the color arrangement. the t-shirt organization. the fade from light to dark...OH GRACE, there' so much more to share!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Grace,

I love your Blog; congratulations on passing the IL bar, GREAT!!!

I want to find a Missouri Bar Exam Blog and have no idea on how to find one; any idea??? thanks for your help; hugs,


Grace said...

Hi Anonymous!

Thanks for the compliment.

I don't really know of any Missouri bar blogs. Oh, wait!

Why don't you START one?

Jane Know said...

Grace, yep! upon further inspection, i definitely see the 2 articles of clothing that are MINE. enjoy. ;-)

Harmless Error said...

I have been a bad blog reader lately. And not too interesting myself. But I still love you!

Scott Rose said...

You are so sweet!! Thank you! I'm totally marrying you, by the way... so everyone else can just BACK OFF! :-)

lowly said...

delayed post, but i'm pretty sure your closet organization confirms that we are indeed meant to be together. mine looks similar, except I have way fewer girl clothes. omg, do you have drawer dividers, too??

Grace said...


I have been TRYING to tell you that we are meant to be together for years. You're just figuring this out now? Hurry up and move back to Chicago, dammit.

It'll be just you, me, and the Container Store, Baby.