Sunday, February 03, 2008


Why I Love It:

- Daytime drinking
- Gambling
- Screaming at television sets
- Chicken Wings
- Having the sound of thousands cheering fans in the background of my condo every Sunday morning, so I can pretend the fans are really cheering for the good job I'm doing with the Swiffer.
- Daytime drinking
- Tom Brady
- Gisele Bundchen
- That black tar under the eyes, which I think would look sexy in the courtroom.


Why I Don't

- It's mostly kinda boring


That being said- Go Giants!

This decision is based on two factors. 1. Harmless Error is in New York and might be rooting for them. 2. Namby Pamby is rooting for New England. So there's something evil there.


Football is awesome


Harmless Error said...

I DID root for the Giants. And with my new TV, even though I stayed home all alone it felt like I was in the stadium.

But it was kinda boring, and I admit I was totally watching a Lifetime movie at the same time.

Silly Little Law Student said...

Yes the Pats are evil because Namby was rooting for them... Good thing I was pulling for the Giants all along. Woot!

biff said...

I watched the game half in the gym and half in an Indian restaurant. The waiters really hate the Patriots.

beth k said...

I would LOVE to wear black under-eye-tar to court...great idea!

David A said...

For our Halloween Spinning class, we dressed up in football jerseys, and applied face paint under our eyes (all four Spinning instructors). By the end of the class, the guys' "black tar" was all over their faces. The women's "black tar," on the other hand, looked perfect.

I'm going to start wearing that stuff to court.

David A said...

I think you need to have all your sister wives over to cheer you on while you're using your swiffer.

TunnelVision said...

Daytime Drinking! U are hilarious

Rachel M said...

i guess it was cool. it seemed that at every exciting moment i was texting you. at least that's what i got made of for.