Thursday, February 07, 2008

Nyquil Commercial- The one With the Roommate

You know which one I'm talking about, right?

The girl is walking around her apartment looking like shit, obviously feeling like shit, and her overly perky roommate comes home, and says "oh my god!!! Are you sick? You need nyquil!" and then she goes and gets nyquil for her roommate, and then goes on with the whole "you'll sleep like a baby, or like a puppy or like a blah blah blah," and then the sick roommate says "like before I had a roommmate?"

You know what? That's a fucking bitchy thing to say. You know, the perky roommate was the one who GAVE you the fucking nyquil, Bitch. Without it, you wouldn't be sleeping at all. Why don't you act a little grateful?

And THAT'S why I don't have roommates. Well, no. I don't have roommates because I hate most people. But if I gave my roommate my nyquil and she acted like that, I would shove the whole bottle down her bitchy little throat.

And tell her to move her ass out by the end of the month.

I went out and got my own nyquil today. Because I'm sick. Everything hurts.


Vittoria said...

grace, i too fucking love your blog. and while i heart my roommates, that is so exactly what i thought. dumb bitch. next time she should let you suffer.

also, you made me really just want wings and to stay home from work tomorrow to drink.

ps sorry this took so long its been a crazy week.

Harmless Error said...

Aww feel better.

That pretty much sums up my view of roommates too. But I bet we'd get along famously.

obsquatch said...

It doesn't seem like you and your dog get along too swimmingly as it is, so I'd hate to see what happens when you insert someone with an actual voice box that can't distract themselves by licking their own genitals.

Justice Moustache said...

Roommates suck. I abandoned the practice immediately after college. I think if I had a roommate now during Law School I would have slit his throat at some point last year, likely over something as deserving as leaving dishes in the sink or waking me up.

Daisy Duke said...

Living alone was the greatest decision I ever made. People ask me if I want a roommate and I look at them as though they are crazy. Because they are. Except of course when I'm dying of the stomach flu and it would be so so so convienent to call a roommate from my cell phone and beg for them to bring me a Sprite from the fridge. Becuase, um, maybe I did that in college?

Jane Know said...

aw, feel better, grace.

try fluids, tylenol, rest, nyquil, and lots of kisses from your puppy.

Jane Know said...

oh. and i hate that commercial, too.

rachel m. said...

you did WHAT?! WHAT. DID. I. TELL. YOU? if you needed nyquil or anything else that was outside of the condo you were to contact me straight away (that made me sound a bit british)!