Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Post Meme

OK. Every once in a while, memes are fun. If you don't think so. Don't read. No one's making you.

This one's from the lovely and talented Silly Little Law Student.

Here are the rules: Post about the meme and link back to the person who tagged you and go back to your archives and link to your five favorite posts.Link One: must be about familyLink Two: must be about friendsLink Three: must be about yourselfLink Four: must be about something you loveLink Five: can be anything you choose.

1. Family: As a rule, I don't post often about my family, because as a rule, they aren't usually very funny. Here are some letters from the loved ones, though.

2. Friends: My friends are awesome, filthy, geniuses.

3. Me: Really? Does anyone wonder why I'm single?

4. Something I love: Wow... I love so many things. SoI guess I'll choose prescription drugs.

5. Anything I choose: This is hard!! It's like making a "best of" compilation. I'm choosing four. Because it's my fucking blog and I can.

-I use the word "vagina" 17 times in this post!
-Daisy and I really inspired some charitable, alcoholic minds!.
-I have to include my dead junkie. Not because it's funny, but just because I still miss him.
-And of course, The Freddy Awards. I hate these assholes.

And that's it. Hope you enjoy.

I'm tagging Harmless Error, Daisy, and Anonymous Hottie.

Oh. Obsquatch, you're tagged, too.


Dave said...

You're a huge hypocrite. You're also obviously angry and damaged. Did I mention you're also an insensitive bitch?

Rachel said...

who's dave?

Jackass said...

Dave, that's novel that you are calling Grace insensitive when you just wrote this comment. Do you even know her? She is a fucking dreamboat in real life and a kick ass friend. You are completely off the mark characterizing this wonderfully caring woman as angry, damaged or that other ugly word.

Grace said...

no idea. someone who doesn't find me charming?

Grace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel said...

whoa, whoa...who doesn't find you charming? i don't get it.

Rachel said...

oh and btw, you are not "huge." you're quite thin, actually.

Anonymous said...

"Dave," as you call yourself, you're such an insult to the name we share. You've just stated a series of conclusions, none of which have any facts to back them up. If you're going to accuse Grace of being a hypocrite, your audience would appreciate knowing the basis for that statement, so it can draw its own, educated conclusion about whether it agrees with your assessment, or not. But you have taken that choice away from them. You, and Adolph Hitler. "Tow the party line, according to me, and all will be well." But we're not automatrons, we are intelligent. You haven't proven your point, Dave.

I don't understand why Grace's blog draws your ire, though. If you don't like it, you have the freedom to NOT READ IT!

I suspect, Dave, that the rage that you exude towards Grace is simply a reflection of your own hatred of yourself. C'mon man, go get some therapy, join a 12-step program for that anger, and let it go. You'll love yourself if you do, and stop boring us with your anger.

Grace said...

Wow!! This is SO not the tone that I expected from this post!

Dave- you are right, though. I am all of those things. DUH!!! I, too am kinda curious what exactly why you think so, though. Care to share?

Anonymous said...

you should start you own meme.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's just grand, Grace ... have all your friends rally to you, tell "Dave" how wrong he is, how stupid he is, and then cut us off AT THE KNEES! (Grace: "You know, Dave, come to think of it, I agree with you. I am all those things. I asked my homeless, IDOC drinking buddy what he thought, and he agreed with you that I'm a huge hypocrite. Although he didn't put it so eloquently. More like, 'that bitch be da bomb!' So thank you, Dave, for articulating concepts that my homeless drinking buddy couldn't even fathom, much less say."

So, Grace, why don't you explain why you come to those conclusions, and I'm sure Dave will agree with you. Or hate you more. And Rocco, he'll just keep stocking up on raspberry vodka.

anonymoushottie said...

OK that was really hard. Turns out I spend most of my time writing about myself and about things I dislike. Where was that option???

Are we drinking at lunch???