Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Negotiating 101

Time: 12:30

Place: Vicinity of the courthouse. Grace is walking back from the salad bar.

Homeless Guy: Hey! Girl! Wanna make a baby with me?

Grace: No, thanks.

Homeless Guy: Well, then, can I have your lunch?

Grace: You can have my roll.

Homeless Guy: Can I have your roll and your soda?

Grace: Um. Ok. That sounds fair.


vieve said...

Glad you're back blogging Grace.

Anonymous said...

As Chico Marx said to his brother Groucho, "wait a minute, der's no such ting as Sanity Clause!"

Ummm, Grace, it's been a long time since I went to law school, so maybe I missed out on the new-fangled notions that they're teaching law students now. I know, for example, that they don't teach law students how to write themselves out of a paper bag (present company excluded, of course).

But it seems to me that in negotiating, you're supposed to GET something in exchange for what you give.

So, what did you get??? He offered you a BABY, and then he took that off the table!! And put back, WHAT in its place???

I don't get it, Grace. You could have had a baby. Or a roll and soda.

rem said...

ida kept the roll and the diet coke and given him the salad...which is likely laced with windex. put the dude out of his misery.

Daisy Duke said...

I'm going to lunch with you more often. Hopefully I can "earn" a dollar, a roll and a Coke. Yay.

Thinking Fool said...

Sounds like you're ready to write your own version of GETTING TO YES. I wonder though, why did you turn down his first offer? Just not ready for children?

Mr. Saddle Shoes said...

Grace knows that it is better to give than to receive; for her, every day is Christmas (it is going to snow again in a few days after all.)

Random Esquire said...

WHAT? That worked? I must be doing something wrong.

I just saw that you are located in Chicago - so am I. I hope you managed to escape any harm from the redline disaster. What a mess.

p.s. I rather hate baseball, myself. I don't know why it's so well loved. This provides my buddies no shortage of teasing material about me. I just think the entire game is dull.