Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Oy. This whole posting every day thing is daunting. I quit. It takes the irreverence out of blogging. I'll blog when I like.

Speaking of irreverence. I had a really bad day of public transportation yesterday.

First, the bus driver asked me out. His name is Lee. I smiled and said that was really sweet, but no. But really. It was just awkward. Funny though, today I ran into him in a furniture store with his girlfriend. Hmph.

Then I got on the train, and there were three REALLY obnoxious guys who rode the entire way downtown next to me. A couple of guys threatened to kick their asses. I called them douchebags. They called me a bitch and a slut.

Then on the bus home, I was reading my book. It's a fairly silly book. Whatever, though. I read lots of deep and important and artistic books. Sometimes. I also read things that are silly. So anyway, there's a guy sitting next to me, and he's reading Oscar Wilde. But at some point out of nowhere he turns to me and asks me if I'm enjoying my book. I was kinda surprised that anyone would care enough to ask if someone liked a book. But he did. And I responded, a little too cheerily that yes I did like it. That it was silly. And eccentric. And irreverent. And then I flip the book over to show the back cover, and if, to add to my feeling of book inferiority, right there on the back cover, in quotes, a reviewer had said "Eccentric! Irreverent!"

Then, as I was getting off the bus, a guy tapped me on the shoulder and and asked for some change, because he was saving up to take the postal worker test. I gave him a dollar.


rem said...

ok, that is NOT fair. You are NOT a slut.

Harmless Error said...

Please try to keep posting every day. You're already my hero, but you'll be even more insanely awesome if you do it.

chili pepper said...

you've been had! do you even need a test to deliver mail? i think it went to the liquor store below you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, can I get a dollar? I'm saving up to pay for this year's Continuing Legal Education credit for attorneys, and the cost for me is $20. I figure that if I ask you for $1, you'll give me $10. Then I'll be half way home!!

I fear, Grace, that your fate is sealed ... you are doomed to write book jacket comments.

By the way, what book was it? I want to read it. I'm in an eccentric, irreverent mood.

When I was reading Kite Rider, a very attractive woman got on the Red Line train, saw what I was reading, and blurted out, "That's a GREAT book!!" That was the last I saw of her. But books can make for great conversation starters.

Anonymous said...

Those three obnoxious guys. They were Cubs fans, weren't they?

Grace said...

Chili Pepper- not a big shock. I'm constantly getting suckered by the homeless.

David- The book was entitled "Night of the Avenging Blowfish" by Michael Weller. It's about the Secret Service and the CIA planning a baseball game against eachother. Sort of. It's also about love, and Spam.

And the three guys were not Cubs fans. If Douchebaggery were an Opera, they would be the Three Tenors.

rem said...

When we're finnished writing "Dude Where's My Coitus?", we can begin the masterpiece that will be "DOUCHEBAGGERY, THE OPERA."

Anonymous said...

REM, in your opera, will a frying pan be involved?

Grace has curbed my appetite for eggs.

Anonymous said...

MY question, Grace, is whether you were attracted to Lee's girlfriend?

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that many (if not most) of your posts involve stories about you being hit on? I'm just observing.