Sunday, May 25, 2008

HOCKEY! It's so awesome that I...


can't stay awake to finish that thought.

It's a good thing Detroit is winning though. I mean, the Stanley Cup is all about whoever says the most retarded things in front of a microphone wins, right?

"I love to score goals," Mikael Samuelsson said. Apparently Samuelson plays for the Detroit team some call "The Redwings."

Do any hockey players dislike the scoring of goals by their own team?

Thus, "The Redwings" are up 1-0.

Eddie. Wayward Esquire: I tried. Really. I did.


Daisy Duke said...


anonymoushottie said...

It's fun to watch hockey with me. I get drunk and sing songs and flirt via the satellite television feed with boys that are 5 years younger than me and oh so good-looking. So yes, come do that with me. And the bar has champagne. YAY.

eddie said...

I second A'Hottie's comments. You should go and sing fight songs with her - I might even join in by phone! I know, I know, you're almost getting too excited to contain the emotions now. Well, calm down and wander off to drink champagne and get a Hockey 101 from AH. And even if you get bored, you'll have a blast as everyone picks on Namby 'The Jinx' Pamby.

Justice Moustache said...

The NHL is still in operation? Who knew!